Worth the Wait

April 18, 2016

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This month we celebrate three glorious years since the launch of our style site, Sleepless in Sequins. It is a love and passion project, combining our skills of fashion and photography. Looking back on the past three years, reminds me of where we started, as well as how far we’ve come. You can measure success in numbers, clicks, or dollars, however to us, it’s about the journey. It’s our endless road that we’ve paved, and we walk this one together.

I’ve worked in the fashion industry for twelve years, in design, production, and styling. I began Sleepless in Sequins, to inspire women creatively though fashion, photography, as well as to share my thoughts on inner and outer beauty. I do believe that confidence is a direct result of how comfortable you feel in your own skin.

While reflecting upon my goals, I’m overly excited, perfectionist, a bit anxious, and well, incredibly impatient. I want it all and I want it now. It’s common right? You want the world in your hands, along with instantaneous success. Why isn’t it that easy?

When I think about this very post, I recall the days, that this dress sat in my closet. The weather was awful. The park looked brown, and I just wanted the trees and flowers to burst with color. All that was forecasted was rainy days with a chill in the air. Of course I was anxious. When could we shoot this post? Too many things in the way. Not enough time, and the days just weren’t perfect, as I wanted them to be.

It’s simple to get frustrated with life. You work your booty off, but where’s the payoff? I’ll tell you where it is. It’s in those small moments that go unnoticed. The ones you forget about, and the ones you brush under the table. My dad always tells me that life is a marathon, not a sprint. He’s right. Remember your small successes, and the rest will come.

This year, I look back at our achievements and I’m proud. While there are always challenges, I remember our moments of triumph. The ones that made my heart skip a beat…those “pinch me” moments. I’ve definitely had those this year. Creating this blog together has been a game changer for both of us. I’ve done more in my career than I’ve ever expected, because I created a project that I love. We’ve met people in the industry who have inspired us, and become an important part of our lives. Some of my favorite experiences this past year, have been our blogger trip aboard Anthem of the Seas, in collaboration with Royal Caribbean (read about it here), Vogue x Shop Simon in collaboration with Create Cultivate, and speaking on a panel at the Lovely Happenings Fall Event (Grant is speaking at their Spring event next Saturday, and hope to see you there!)

This past weekend, in celebration of 3 years, we definitely made the most of it. We attended a party at the W Hotel, dined at a few of our favorite restaurants, watched the sunset over Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park, shot our birthday post, toasted with champagne at Tavern on the Green, and treated ourselves to birthday cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery.

To shoot our post, we discovered the Central Park Conservatory Garden, which reminded me of a secret garden. Hidden behind beautiful, black gates, the doors opened to an enchanted garden, full of cherry blossoms, tulips, fountains, and winding green paths. It’s peaceful, quiet, and in those moments I could barely hear the noise of the bustling city.

The stunner of a Floral Print Strapless Gown that I chose, was designed by Ellen Tracy. I am lucky enough to work with team that creates the collection, and I am always amazed watching their collection come to life each season. They truly pour their heart into what they do. This particular gown is just fabulous, and I fell in love with it’s full length ball gown. It is a true statement piece and perfect for wedding season. I love the strapless top, and and gorgeous floral print used throughout the piece. I accessorized with silver, strappy sandals, crystal earrings (similar here), and a silver cuff bracelet (similar here).

I was stopped by several people, who were in awe over the gown as I walked through the garden that day. Each stopping to smile, glance, or say a few sweet words. As we were shooting on the stairs, a woman stood there next to us, just watching us shoot. “Go ahead,” we said. “You can walk though.” She spoke to us and said, “No, no! Keep going. I don’t mind. That dress is gorgeous, and I love watching. It’s worth the wait!”

“It’s worth the wait,” she said. I stopped what I was doing and thought for a second. That woman summed up my year, and reminded me of the most important lesson, yet seemingly the most challenging for me to learn. It’s worth the wait. All of it. Life, your goals, your dreams, your adventures. Live it day by day. I believe I’m a work in progress. I believe that we all are. Yet, what is life, if you know the end of the story before you turn the pages?

Our photo shoot was an “Alice in Wonderland,” moment to me. The winding green paths throughout the gardens reminded me of the winding paths in our lives. None of it is straightforward, yet there are bursts of color along the way. I challenge to you walk those paths and embrace your own adventure, but please don’t forget that in time, the good will come.

We thank you for another year of following our journey, and once again, we hope to inspire you with our love of creativity combining our loves for fashion and photography. As always, “Life is short. Wear sequins and enjoy the party.” Cheers to 3 incredible years. It was worth the wait.

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