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Confused Girl in the City + One Hot Summer Sweat Sesh

August 6, 2017

If you know me well, or you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you know that I’m a lover of two things. I have a true love for all things that sparkle. As a jewelry designer, and style influencer, I live for glitz and glam everyday of my life. Now go to the opposite extreme, and I’m also passionate about fitness. I love putting my absolute heart and soul into my workouts, sweating through the excitement but also the stresses in life. I find my workouts to be healing and I’m lost without them. These two loves of mine, are my match made in heaven.

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Fashion, Fitness

Summer Workout Challenge with Ellie Activewear

July 30, 2017

Do you workout solo? Do you have a fit fam? Are you overly obsessed with classes? I love all of the above. Sign me up for everything! If you’ve been following along over the past year, you know that I’m a fitness addict. This summer, aside from my typical workout routine, (which you can read more about here), I’ve also been loving my solo workouts in the city. They are so much fun, but also quite a challenge, because I need to self motivate. Some days, that’s easier than others. Am I right?

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Channeling My Inner Badass With Zaki Fitness

October 30, 2016

What makes you feel powerful in your life? What gives you true confidence? A passion that makes you feel whole, and one that you’re proud of. Fitness is a love in my life that gives me a combined strength, power and confidence. It is my time to myself, to work on perfecting my strengths, as well as channeling energy to improve upon my weaknesses.

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