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LOVE that Burns Brighter Than the Sun

March 2, 2022

You take a step outside, look up to the sky, and the clouds seem to roll on in, just when you weren’t quite expecting it. The gloomy days pass on by without an end in sight. While this may be a reality, or just symbolic of life right now, it happens. We go through phases in life that we just can’t quite seem to shake.

Regardless, we push through our days with or without sunshine. The magical part is that YOU have the power to change your day. You have the option to put your very best energy forward, show yourself some LOVE, and I promise it will change your outlook on life, or at least your day. Your energy is contagious. Remember that and put your best out there. What helps me the most is putting one foot in front of the other, slipping into my sassiest activewear, and heading on a run or any other workout I choose that day.

For this bright and sassy look, I’ve teamed up with top style editor and fashion/fitness influencer, Christine Bibbo-Herr of @NYCPretty & our favorite activewear brand Terez, to share a set that we absolutely LOVE! The Foil Hearts Uplift Leggings and Sports Bra set which we’re sporting come in Cobalt, (which I’m wearing below) as well as Orchid, which looks fabulous on Christine! The fabric is perfection and these pieces fit like a glove. The leggings are supportive in all the right places, and I feel my absolute best breaking a sweat in this set!

We’ve fallen for the Terez brand, founded by the brilliant & beautiful Zara Terez Tisch, because we truly believe in everything they stand for. In a world that feels a bit upside down, Terez’s light shines through in their silhouettes, bright colors, and and the pure happiness that they bring to the women who believe in them. They stand for positivity, joy, warmth, and adventure which we could all use sprinkled through our lives.

To accessorize, we’ve added the Brilliant Blue and Magenta NYC LOVE Necklace, from the collection which Christine and I have designed together. The NYC LOVE Necklace Collection (which you can read about in Christine’s post here) is inspired by our love for NYC, Sex & the City and all things “Carrie”, along with everything that shimmers in the city that never sleeps. We’ve launched this necklace with four color combinations that we know you’ll adore. The NYC LOVE Necklace pairs to perfection with our Terez Foil Hearts Sets, and the colors work beautifully together.

Whether you’re looking to brighten your day, or searching for a little extra love within, we’ve got you covered. Signing off from sunny Miami, and sending you all of our LOVE. xx

Featured Styles:

Hallie’s Look:

Terez: Cobalt Heart Foil Uplift Leggings

Terez: Cobalt Heart Foil Uplift Sports Bra

NYC LOVE Necklace: Brilliant Blue

Christine’s Look:

Terez: Orchid Heart Foil Uplift Leggings

Terez: Orchid Heart Foil Uplift Sports Bra

NYC Love Necklace: Magenta

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