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This Ain’t Baywatch

November 27, 2018

Red swimsuit. Sunshine beaming on my face. Toes in the sand. The waves crashing around me. Visions of a lifeguard stand off in the distance. “Runnnnn!” Grant yells, as I hear the sound of the camera’s shutter fluttering in the distance. I sprint towards him in my teeny, red bikini across the sands of Miami Beach. My hair whipping behind me in slow motion. In my head, it felt like a scene from Baywatch.

In reality, I was wrapped in ten tons of seaweed, unable to put one foot in front of the other. Waves hit me from every angle and I could barely stand up straight. I was lucky if I could keep my swim bottoms on my beach bum.

I’d be lying if I told you I was excited to shoot swimwear. In all honesty I was terrified. It was my first time back in a swimsuit since having a belly, and I was really nervous to shoot the photos.

Hesitant to look through all of them, I did it. The attractive ones, the “WTF” ones, which made me laugh, and the downright unattractive ones that made me squirm.

Point? It’s been a journey to get back to my bod, to say the least. While I’m still working at it, I can tell you that I feel stronger than ever. I’m happy with how far I’ve come, but much more importantly I’m proud of the strength I feel.

Your body is much more important than just your shell. (Pun intended) It’s also about your inner and outer strength. Remember that.

Our time on the beach, was a fab adventure. We felt like kids again. There’s nothing better than to pause real life for a few days, so your can get out there and live a dreamy one. I’m grateful for a few days in the sunshine, as well as another adventure in the books. I will be working on a travel post, recapping our trip, as well as our favorite places and spaces. Stay tuned, sunshines. xx

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