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Control Freak

November 4, 2018

This is my middle name. I control everything in my life, and I’m an insane perfectionist. I like to be in charge of my own life, right down to the nitty gritty details. My expectations are incredibly high. It works as an advantage as well as a disadvantage for me. I trust myself, and only myself.

Until I’m forced to let go. My head spins and my stomach churns. How on earth do I let go? More importantly how do I trust someone else, when I’m so used to depending on myself. When I’m in charge, I always know the outcome. Lucky for me, I have people in my life to push me outside of my little realm of perfection.

Do you have that one friend that happens to know most everything about you? The spoken and the unspoken? I definitely do, and she does everything in her power to push…rather shove me out of my comfort zone whenever she sees the moment. I never understand at first, and I do my very best to fight it. She wins though…each time.

As much as I love fashion, and I push myself to change up my wardrobe, I feel the opposite about my beauty routine. I stick to the norm, and my makeup look takes five minutes max. I rarely switch it up. Sephora literally gives me an anxiety attack. There are way too many options. I hate getting my hair and makeup done. Am I even a girl?? I start hyperventilating when anyone comes within inches of my face with a makeup brush.

Enter my dear friend, Violet, who clearly knows this, but decides it’s a brilliant idea to do a complete makeover for a shoot. Hair AND makeup. (Again…gently shoved outside of my comfort zone) I can’t breathe. Just reading the text message makes me freak. Ugh! She knows me. I trust her. I agree.

I let go of control. I shut my eyes, hand over my makeup brushes, and put my trust in her hands. She was my eyes that day. She always is.

What I learned that day? To tone down my “crazy”, and to let someone else teach me, even if it’s at my own craft. Often someone sees something in you, that you may not. Learn to trust them.

For my makeup look, Violet created a soft, glowy look for the face, which would bring out the golden shimmer in the dress. She used neutral tones on the eyes, and kept them bright and open. We chose long, dramatic lashes for a look of glamour, and a pop of an orangy red lip to make a statement.

My hair was pulled back into a twist, complete with a cascading messy braid, for that “undone” look.

The hair and makeup perfectly completed the golden vibe of the dress. I fell in love. I honestly couldn’t have done it better myself. I was proved wrong, once again.

I suppose sometimes you need that kick in the pants, to let go, to release, and to trust in others. While it’s worth believing in yourself, hand over the makeup brush from time to time, and let a friend create their own masterpiece. They often see a light that you cannot. And more often than not, they’re right. Lesson learned.

*Hair and makeup: Violet Zaki
You can meet Violet as she teaches my fave fitness classes at Equinox, or find her on Facebook and Instagram

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