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Seeing Stars

June 28, 2017

They were sprinkled across the sky like glitter. I’ve never seen so many stars in my life. There were a million, and I was in awe. The starry skies of Maui were somethinout of fairytale.

We took midnight strolls, and although it was pitch black, we listened to the waves crash upon the shore. I couldn’t see them, but I heard them. I felt them. It was just us, in the darkness, walking along a path of enchanted trees, whose branches twisted in silhouette.

Initially, I was a slight bit fearful of our walk. We couldn’t see well. The walkway had a very dim glow. There were clusters of rocks around us. Sprinklers sprayed in every direction across the grass, and as much as we tried to dodge them, we definitely got sprayed. I was afraid some sort of creature would jump out, wrapping itself around my ankle. I dreamt up a million possiblities as we walked.

“Take this in babe,” Grant said, as he walked along, snapping photos left and right, trying to perfectly capture the starry sky. “Ok,” I said…and I did.

I did that night, and many others, where I stopped and stared. I took in my surroundings, appreciated that gorgeous place, my life for everything that it is, and my sweet husband.

Regardless, of where you stand in life, whether you’re at the top of a mountian, or the bottom, as long as you can look up at the end of the night, at the very same sky and see stars, you’re living one dreamy life. I know that I am, and so are you.

I’m grateful for those stars…every one of them. I’m grateful for the adventures in this life, and the ones we shared on this trip.

To style my starry look, I chose a cozy, off the shoulder, printed, star sweatshirt (here or here), which happened to be perfect for watching sunsets, as well as stars. I paired the look with cutoff denim shorts (similar here). I chose a pair of silver, sparkly sandles with pom poms, (similar here or here) to finish off the look.

With the Fourth of July holiday, fast approching, this post seemed quite appropriate. With the freedom and independence that you have, life your life to the fullest. Enjoy your holiday weekend, beauties. Much love from me, as we fly through the starry skies, from Maui to NYC.

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