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Give Yourself Grace

September 14, 2021

Close your eyes. Think about what makes you breathe easier. What brings you joy? What causes your mind to wander in the best way possible. Life sure ain’t easy right now, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find happiness or ease through the tiniest parts of your day. Those few moments, even if they are far between, can make the greatest impact on your days.

Ever since the world turned upside down, I found myself reaching, (no…grasping) for anything that made me feel safe. I needed something I could depend on. For me, my health and fitness goals have continued to be top priority. Throughout the pandemic I’ve leaned on this more than ever to keep myself balanced and in check. A strong, healthy body and mind are truly so important to me, from the inside out. I function best when I feel my strongest. 

That being said, I’ve also come to the realization, as we all have, that there are so many elements of life beyond our control. Our days are far from perfect, and at the end we feel frazzled to say the least. I hate to admit, but I’m most definitely a perfectionist, a trait that I’m not proud of and tugs at me daily. This year especially, I’ve learned to let go. I’ve had to. We cannot control everything. Instead, I’ve given myself GRACE. Allow yourself those moments to feel messy, imperfect and, make that ok! 

Turn towards something you love. Make it therapeutic…something you can rely on when the world or life feels upside down. It won’t solve everything, but I promise you that you’ll gain an inner strength that you never knew you had. My own journey begins from the inside out, and so does yours.

As we began to shoot these photos, I realized that I coincidentally chose the Grace Set, from my new favorite activewear line, Equilibré LA. The brand was created and designed by the talented, Jazmin Schmerber, based in sunny California. Her mission behind the sustainable, yet chic brand is to inspire self confidence, and creativity in all that you do. The pieces within the collection are interchangeable, and can be styled for an athletic or street style look. I was drawn to the collection for their gorgeous color palette, stunning silhouettes, and creativity in styling. The cami and legging set that I chose comes in a variety of colors. I fell in love with Midnight Blue. I’m drawn to shades of blue, as they remind me of the calming, rolling waves of the ocean. In addition, I love the the sleek yet supportive feel of the fabric, as I move. It molds to my body and is truly flattering.

Inspired by Jazmine’s creative styling, I put together a second look of my own, which includes the Grace Cami, paired with my own white tennis skirt. I love the crisp white against the chic navy. I added navy and white wrist bands to complete the look.

Wherever you’re at in your life, remember to move, to breathe, to explore, but most of all to give yourself grace. xx

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