Planning a Wimbledon Watch Party

June 16, 2015

The Wimbledon 2015 Championships are just around the corner and I am beyond excited. Those of you close to me, know that fitness is a true love of mine and tennis is one of my favorite sports. When I was young, my sister and I played tennis in school, took lessons together, and battled it out on the court. My sister is petite and blonde, with an angelic look. Anyone that walked on a court with her might mistaken her strength and skill, judging by her size and appearance alone. She never fooled me though. Small, but mighty, my sister is also fast and fierce. She would beat my booty in every single match. I always thought I was decent at the game, until she took hold of a racquet. She would run me all over the court, and just when I thought I had her conquered, she’d smash a shot over the net, just to show me who’s boss. I loved playing with her. Our summer tennis matches have sadly become few and far between ever since I moved to New York, and she is in Florida. I don’t have a tennis buddy here and courts are tough to come by.

A recent visit for my sister’s birthday, was the perfect opportunity to challenge each other on the courts again. The weather in Florida was absolutely perfect. One sunny afternoon, we headed out to the courts, in our crisp white tennis skirts, chatting about our excitement for the upcoming Wimbledon games, just like old times. We spent a few hours volleying back and forth in the summer sunshine. It definitely took me a bit to get my swing back, but once I did, I was hooked. I love the sound of the tennis ball popping off the racquet. That’s when I know I just nailed the perfect shot. We had an absolute blast together that afternoon.

Since my family was in town, we planned a surprise lunch, which would be perfect for a Wimbledon Watch Party. Once my sis and I finished our match, we headed to the store and did a little brainstorming. We wanted our party to be the perfect summer soirée and thought our family would love the special treat.

We started with our color scheme and set up by pool. We used bright, Wimbledon 2015 towels from Christy Linens, as tablecloths to add color and spirit to our tablescape. Christy has done a beautiful job designing these fancy towels, and in celebration of the games, we couldn’t resist decorating with them. I also love their brightly colored hand towels, perfect for the guest bathroom. We did a little research on traditional foods served during the Wimbledon games, and here is what we came up with.

Wimbledon Watch Party Menu

Our family loved the surprise Wimbledon Watch party and the day felt so special surrounded by the people we love the most, in celebration of our favorite games. If you’re looking be a hostess with the mostess during the Wimbledon games, we hope that you find a few fancy official Wimbledon towels and use the inspiration we’ve given you, to plan your own party. Cheers tennis fans!

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Wimbledon Watch Party










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