A Monochromatic Moment Styled in JCrew

June 23, 2015

For years I feared “matchy matchy” outfits. In no way, shape, or form did I want to flash back to the 90’s remembering the purple, multicolored flannel shirt I wore to school when I was young. The outfit had perfectly matching purple jeans, an identical plaid mini backpack, matching accessories, purple socks, and even glasses to coordinate. At the time, I had braces, and I’m fairly sure I chose the rubber bands around my braces to color coordinate as well. Head to toe, I was a vision in purple plaid. It makes me cringe just thinking about it, and I’m positive that photo evidence exists somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, a few years later, I did have some winners once the movie, Clueless rolled around. Pleated plaid skirts, and knee highs for the win! I have much fonder memories of those outfits.

Back to avoiding anything monochromatic. After spending years fearing those outfits I carefully chose, I currently follow the latest and greatest fashion trends, strategically choosing accessories and articles of clothing that complimented my outfit, in a contrasting color. I never choose anything too overwhelming and I aim to let my outfit shine.

Lately the monochromatic trend has returned, as all trends eventually do. In translation, a monochromatic color scheme means styling in the same color from head to toe. I was fearful. Oh man, was I fearful. As I flipped through magazine pages, scrolled through Instagram, and watched models strut down the runway, I cringed over and over again. This can’t be happening. I won’t do it. I won’t try it. I absolutely refuse. I’ll tuck that trend away and ignore it for the rest of time, along with the terrifying visions of my matchy, horrible, purple plaid outfit that made me look like one giant eggplant.

On a Saturday, I was shopping as usual and strolled through J. Crew. I managed to find the most gorgeous, cobalt blue, lace dress (on sale!). I love the simple, straight, silhouette, and I actually own the same one in neon yellow, that I purchased last year (more about that here). I get stopped and complimented everywhere I go with this dress, so I figured the blue would be a winner as well.

On our way out to the Meatpacking district to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon, I had a tough time choosing a pair of sunnies to compliment this blue beauty. As a fashion blogger, I own a gazillion pairs of sunglasses, and buy them like packs of gum. I never know when I need a fancy new set of shades to wear for a blog post. I tried on every pair I own, except my favorites; the blue and gold Ray Ban aviators. Why would I ever wear those? They would match my dress perfectly, look ridiculous, and go against my every thought and fear about the monochromatic trend. I had shivers already. Out of ideas, and short on time per usual, I threw them on. To my surprise, they looked fabulous and perfectly completed my look. The bright blue sunnies and the dress were a complete statement look themselves. I was shocked, and I swear it was all on accident. I accessorized my look with a silver clutch (similar here), and silver sandals.

Therefore, I must confess. There are several trends that I don’t try. I look at them, and quickly make a judgement. I imagine the style would be unflattering to my body, and occasionally I get stuck in a rut. My point? Be adventurous, even if it’s by mistake. Try new trends and shake things up a bit in your life, even if it’s adding a fun accessory. What are your favorite trends of the season? It’s easy to choose the same old styles, but refreshing your look can be uplifting and inspire a new found confidence that you didn’t know you had. Lots of love. xo

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