Be Kind to Your Body and Workout With Athleta

August 6, 2014

Fitness and nutrition are two very important parts of my life. Exercise is not only healthy for the body, but wonderful for the mind as well. It builds, muscle, strength, endurance, and most of all, confidence. When I workout, my mind focuses on goals and challenges that I aim to achieve in my life. It is my time to reflect, meditate and energize my mind, body, and soul. A strong body, and healthy mind go hand in hand.

Since I’m a fitness addict, I’m always on the lookout for stylish workout apparel. We’ve teamed up with Athleta, to feature fashion forward workout gear, that will keep you looking fabulous during your daily workouts. In my workout photos, I am wearing the Honeycomb Connect Capris in Amalfi Blue, as well the Rev Up Laser Cut Tank in Berry Punch. I love the contrasting colors of the Berry and the Amalfi Blue. Athleta has an incredible variety of printed pants, which is originally what drew me to the brand. Their selection of colors for the current season is beautiful as well. Try mixing and matching their fabulous colors, textures and prints. There are so many looks to create from their collection. Athleta also has a variety of fit options when it comes to their activewear. I prefer my workout apparel to have a snug fit, so it stays in place as I move.

To accessorize, I’m sporting Athleta’s Warm Up Gym Bag in Black, with purple detailing. This bag very spacious, with many compartments to store everything you need for your workout. My sneakers are Nike Flyknit Lunar2 in Atomic Orange. On my wrist, I’m wearing a variety of brightly colored Shop Knotty hair ties, as well as NYC Pretty’s Chain Bracelet.

Keeping healthy snacks with me is important, as I’m always on the go. Once I’m finished with my workout, I immediately need food to satisfy my hunger. One of my favorite snacks are Kind Bars. I love nut mix, so these flavorful bars are perfect as a post workout snack. They are high in protein, fiber, and essential nutrients. Kind snacks uses all natural ingredients including nuts, spices, honey, and fruit. They have such a great variety of flavors to choose from. Stay tuned for our exciting announcement with Kind bars, which will be posted next week. You will learn more about this healthy, fantastic brand.

I hope you’re feeling inspired to find your fancy, new, workout wardrobe, from Athleta’s fabulous collection. We’d love to see your favorite outfits. Get out there and bust your booty, and don’t forget to fuel up with a Kind Bar for some pre/post workout deliciousness.













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