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Buns in the Sun

April 1, 2018

Do you remember the super sweet days of good, ole’ spring break? Me too. Don’t they seem like a lifetime ago? Alright, so I’m dating myself by admitting that. With one snowstorm after another in NYC, old man winter had me running for the the sandy, beaches of Miami, stat. We booked our stay at the Mondrian, and I was beyond excited. Little did I realize that I’d be arriving in South Beach, at the exact same time as the “spring breakers”… meaning that packs of high school and college kids, would take over those lovely, quiet sandy beaches, with their party pants on.

I knew my swimwear game had to be on on point. Luckily, Coco Reef already had me covered. Around the holidays, I received a shiny, new package, complete with some fancy swimwear pieces, ideal for a resort vaca. Apparently they thought I needed a vacation, before I even realized it. They were so right!

In a complete scramble, while attempting to pack for our trip to Miami, I remembered those fabulous swimsuits that I had packed away in my drawer. I pulled them out, and slipped them on. The bottoms were a completely different, highwaisted style than I was used to. With athletic shaped legs, and a smaller waist, I generally gravitate towards swim bottoms that tie at the sides. Although, they are teeny tiny, they allow me to adjust the size, to fit my waist as well as my legs. This highwaisted skirt style, was completely out of my comfort zone. I stepped into it, and to my surprise, I feel in love! It felt, fun, flirty, supportive, and made my waist feel oh-so-tiny! It was a complete win! I paired it with a floral, Coco Reef, five way convertible top, with a fancy print and it was the perfect combination! I love the colors, in the print, as well as the fit of the suit! I was beach ready! I paired my new suit, with a teal, beach bag (similar here), as well as my favorite blue, mirrored aviators, and glitter, pom pom sandals (similar here).

As I kicked off my sandals, and dipped my toes in the pool, I watched as groups of girls, piled on sun rafts in the middle of the pool, drinks in hand and buns in the sun. That’s right…I said it; buns in the sun. The swimsuits floating on those rafts were super duper cheeky and teeny weeny! Little was left to the imagination, and there were buns…well…everywhere. Meaning, tush toning will be on repeat for spring…unless of course, you’re already blessed with buns of steel. The girls wore them with confidence, and it made me wonder if I had the guts to do the same.

I also spotted many swimsuits, like my own, with high waisted bottoms, and super fancy tops. I spied some scandalous one piece suits as well, with plunging necklines, and cut outs, throughout the silhouette. I loved the variation of styles that I saw. There are so many swim options now, for each and every body type, making it much easier to rock that fabulous bod, in your favorite swimwear styles for the spring and summer. Make sure to check out Coco Reef’s latest collection. The prints are to die for, the silhouettes are beautiful, and the fit is perfection. I know you’ll love them as much as I do.

Miami was an absolute blast! Best spring break, I’ve ever had. I’m already planning our next vaca, and maybe I’ll be brave enough to bare my own buns in the sun. What do you think? Which styles will you rock this summer? I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend, love bugs! We’ve got a few more Miami posts coming up, so make sure to stay tuned. Wishing you a fabulous week. xx

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