Spring Transition

March 24, 2013

One of my favorite parts of spring, is fashion transition. You’ve had it with your winter wardrobe and you are considering burning your winter coat. You may walk into a boutique full of colorful spring and summer merchandise, but yet you are still walking around that awful winter coat. As much as you may want to go on a spending spree buying all of these bright beauties, you realize that it will be a few months before the weather gets warm enough to wear them.

The solution to your shopping problem is transitional dressing. While I have developed a full on hate relationship with most of my winter clothes by now, I still have a few favorite pieces that I don’t mind keeping around. The key is layering those pieces on top of the few spring starter pieces you have purchased. On a stroll to Lincoln Center, I have paired black jeans, my fall black leather combo jacket, with a new floral print peplum blouse underneath. I accessorized with the Jet Black Roses cuff from my jewelry collection, which was created from jet black, gray, crystal, and pale pink Swarovski stones.

While I am still wearing black, and look appropriate for March, I have added some spring flair with the floral top. I love using my creativity to incorporate my favorite pieces from my winter and spring wardrobe. So you may not be able to pull you the brights just yet, but some great spring additions to your wardrobe will give you a fresh look and leave you feeling fabulous. Give it a try.



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