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Celebrating 4 Sweet Years in Sequins

August 21, 2017

Hang those streamers, add rainbow sprinkles to the doughnuts, pop the bubbly, and don’t forget your crystal tiara! You bet your fancy booty, I’ll be wearing mine today! It looks like we’ve got one serious celebration on the horizon.

So, where do we even start? Four years, hundreds of posts, thousands of photos, and an infinite number of blurred lines cross my eyes, as I reflect upon each post. The words themselves, I can’t individually remember, but each and every post…I most definitely do. I remember the place, the moment, and the feeling from each one. How, you ask? When your work is your passion, you absolutely remember it all; every feeling, each challenge, and every win.

To be honest, this confetti party is a bit delayed. I stewed over the theme of this post for quite awhile, and shopped until I dropped for the perfect look. How could I possibly sum up four incredible years of work on a site, that has become my true love? After hundreds of posts, what message did I want to share with you?

If you’ve been reading my recent posts, you know that this year forced me to examine the core of my being. It made me reflect upon my personal qualities, along with what I have to give, and share with the world. How can I shed light upon your life, and offer you a small piece of me? How can I inspire you? What can you take from these posts, and how will it be beneficial in your own lives? After feeling a bit lost along the way, I’ve been reminded of the sweetness in my life, along with the people, places and moments that make my heart skip a beat.

So this is me; every single day, and here is what I have to share with you. I believe in the power of positivity, giving life your all, staying humble and kind, being true to yourself, and helping others along the way. I believe in light and I believe in love. I’m a hopeless romantic, and regardless of darkness, I will always believe in the fairytale. There is nothing that will stop me from that. I live for bright colors, balloons, champagne, and celebrations. My favorite color is glitter, and I pile on more gems than I possibly own on a daily basis, because more is obviously more. I’m crazy, funny, and quirky. It takes quite a while to get to know me, and I’m selective about the people I share my heart with. No one likes risking a broken heart. Neither do I.

As I look in the mirror, blinded by bright colors, and too many jewels, I am reminded of that. There are days, moments, and life events that will thicken your skin. Those are obviously necessary. My point in all of this? Don’t forget to take a glance in the mirror, stare back at your gorgeous reflection (and it is gorgeous), find your core, and let that inner sweetness shine. Be you. Be 100% you, every single day.

As I reflect upon the four years of photos, along with words that I’ve shared with you, I also reflect upon the best gift that this site has given me. I’ve learned, grown, and connected with each of you, through this journey. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for following along. To my love and my best friend, Grant Friedman, thank you for inspiring me, believing in me, making each idea come to life through your beautiful photos.

I close out this post with the words of the very wise, T. Swift, “Today is a fairytale.” Straighten that tiara, and let’s live it up shall, we? Cheers to four incredible, unforgettable, sparkling years. We hope you continue to follow our adventures. Life is short, my loves. Wear sequins and enjoy the party.

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