Breaking Up With Jonas

January 25, 2016

Dearest snow storm Jonas. You were soft, sweet and romantic when it all started. I gradually watched you fall, piece by piece, and flake by flake until you became larger than life. You blew in, with a force so mighty, you took over all of New York City. You were cold and ugly. You sent shivers down my spine, and you left it all on the streets. You forced me into my ugly puffer coat, and boring, flat rain boots, which you know I can’t stand. I spent a full day cooped up inside my home, leaving my sequins and party dresses behind, locked in the darkness of my closet. But I’ve got something to tell you, sir Jonas. We. Are. Over.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s being home all day. I get stir crazy, cranky, and a honestly, a little evil. The only activity I did for a day and a half, was my fitness classes. I’m completely thankful for them. Aside from that, walking seven blocks down the street was painful. My parents warned me of frostbite, and I laughed at them. New Yorkers just can’t handle snow. That’s all I thought. Boy, was I wrong. Jonas was epic.

In celebration of my breakup with snow storm Jonas, I busted out my brand new Ted Baker coat; the one I’ve been lusting over for a year straight. Much different than the black puffers and dirty snow boots I saw all weekend, this beauty of a coat bursts with color; exactly what I love. Ted Baker’s collection always fits to perfection. The quality is incredible, colors and prints are stunning, and I find myself resisting the temptation to buy every piece in the store. Each and every style is lady like, and stands as a statement piece on it’s own. I recognize pieces from Ted Baker’s collection from a mile away. I’m that in love.

For our day of celebration in snowy Central Park, I accessorized my coat with a Missoni inspired scarf (similar here), which tied in well with the color of the coat. I wore leather gloves, Valentino ‘Rockstud’ Sunglasses, and ankle boots (similar here). I carried my brand new, YSL bag (similar here), which is an investment piece I had my eye on, for quite some time. Investment pieces are a great choice, if you can make sure they are basic styles which work with the rest of your wardrobe. I always invest in accessories, to complete my look.

During our sunny stroll to snowy Central Park it was just me, Grant, and the camera, which has become part of our family. It had gotten an extreme amount of use over the weekend, due to Grant’s epic photo walk through snowy Manhattan during the storm. Have you ever watched someone’s complete love and passion for what they do come to life? I have. Grant pours his heart and soul into his photography. I’ve never seen anything like it. While most people fear a storm, darkness, or obstacles in nature, he embraces the beauty of the moment. He turns elements of nature into a magical masterpieces. Needless to say, watching him shoot photos, and experiencing it together, is such a part of our lives.

It was so much fun watching families sledding together, laughing and enjoying the Sunday afternoon. It’s great to embrace the excitement of each moment such as these. They can be few and far between. So beauties, I hope you had a lovely, safe and cozy weekend. Sweet wishes for a wonderful week. Lots of love from snowy NYC. xx

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    This coat is so beautiful! The scarf looks so pretty with it! =)

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