Be Yo’ Selfie

October 21, 2018

I’m a walking glitter-bomb. From the age of of five, I spent my days crawling around on floors of department stores, searching for sequins and beads, as my mom shopped for fancy dresses. When I found them, I saved them and considered them my treasures.

Through the years, it’s safe to say I have not changed. I’m a grown version of my 5 year old self. I’ll wear sequins on the subway, a pound of hairspray to the laundry room, and more makeup than one would wear to a wedding, for my daily workouts. It smears down my face by the end, and I’m proud of it. #noshame.

In a recent Instagram poll, I played a game by asking true and false statements to see how well you knew me. When asked if I was “cool, calm, and collected,” almost all of you responded no. I stared at my phone, literally laughing out loud, as I walked down the street. No one thinks I’m cool, calm, or collected. I found it hilarious, and you are right. I like that I can be “me” around you.

I’m quirky, clumsy, goofy, and crazy. My heart runs deep, but I share it with very few. I can be completely silent some days, and roll into a complete giggle fit on others. I move with the speed of lightning. My life is naturally caffeinated, therefore I avoid caffeine. I have more energy than the Energizer bunny, and I talk a million miles a minute, without a single breath. My attention span is insanely minimal. I’m moody and grumpy each morning, but give me lipstick, stilettos, and a cocktail, and I’ll dance the night away until the wee hours of the morning. I’m an all or nothing girl.

My friends and family are everything, but I keep my circle tight. My heart is vulnerable, so I choose my people carefully. I admire those who are humble and kind. I’m inspired by the ones who pour their soul into their craft, and live their lives fearlessly…because it’s real. It’s true. It requires strength and fight.

My point? Be yo’ selfie…unapologetically YOU. Because that is the best you can possibly be. Embrace your quirks. Love your heart, on the good days as well as the bad. Respect yourself for your own journey and how far you’ve come. Never fear looking backwards and remembering your path, because it’s gotten you to where you are today. Live in the light, my friends.

If stranded on a desert island, my two requests would be a margarita and a bottle of mascara. I will never change, and I know that. I’ll throw glitter in the air, and continue to scoop up sequins for the rest of my life, because it makes me happy. Because that’s 100% me.

What defines you, and are you proud of that? Embrace your life just the way it is, without wishing or dreaming for anything else. Focus on the sweetness that you have in life. Love yourself, exactly as you are. Just don’t forget to leave a trail of sequins wherever you go. Make me proud. With all of the love and sparkles in the world, I wish you a fabulous week. xx

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  • Reply Erinruscel October 31, 2018 at 6:14 am

    You’re the cutest! This was a fun post to read! I totally agree with you… we are our best selves when we are truly ourselves, being authentic! I love that Your personality is so apparent in your feed and in your stories! Keep being YOU and making a difference, bringing light and love always!

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