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NYFW Street Style Trend Report

February 16, 2017

That’s a wrap! Another fashion week rolls by. It seems to approach faster each year, and always feels like quite the whirlwhind. The events, the shows, the people, and most importantly the collections that we either swoon over or dispise each season. As crazy as it seems each season, it also feels dependable and routine. The shows are exciting, and the events…so much fun, but how can I learn something new? How can I gain a different perspective from of all of this?

Last season, I challenged myself to see fashion week through a different lens (read about it here). Instead of dressing up for a show, and worrying about my role as a style inflencer, I took a step back, dressed simply, and documented the street style aspect of New York Fashion Week. If you remember the post, I explained how I followed in Grant’s footsteps for a day, shooting along side of him, as well as the other street style photographers. I found it challenging to keep up, but exciting and inspiring to say the least. Last season I did everything wrong. I couldn’t manage to control the camera, wore the wrong outfit, as I was concerned with looking presentable at the shows. I roamed the streets in heels, and couldn’t move well when I needed to sprint to get a shot. It felt overwhelming, but I did make it though, and managed to take some decent shots. It was an adventure, and a challenging one at that.

This season I gave it another shot, and it felt different; and by different I mean much more successful. While I still struggled for the shots, which will take time to master, the camera felt comfortable in my hands. I didn’t need Grant to coach me though, and I dodged around the street on my own, while scouting the latest trends at the Lacoste show. I wore a simple outfit, all black, complete with my favorite puffer coat, and faux fur scarf. I wore my rain boots, since it had just snowed and the streets were slushy. My hair? No curls, or waves. I wore a simple
french braid. It was quick, and kept my hair out of my face. I didn’t dress for the attention. It was all about them. The editors, stylists and fashionistas heading to the shows. I watched, I ran, and I pounced, to bring you the hottest street style trends of the season.
Here’s what I found.

Top Trends

  • 1. Pleated Skirts Please! – whether it was a mini length, with a sporty look, or a midi length all about glamour, the pleats took the streets this fashion week.
  • 2. Color Me Crazy – From colorful accessories, to full on ensembles, the fashionistas of NYFW, flaunted color this season, and they didn’t disappoint. Sporting color is great way to be noticed for street style, while trying to stand out from a crowd. It’s also a welcomed change from the dreary winter color palettes, that we can’t quite escape from, myself included.
  • 3. Faux Fur Frenzy – This trend is everywhere, and I mean everywhere! Faux fur coats are a perfect statement piece to toss over leggings. You can keep it simple, or go color crazy. If you ask me, it’s cozy, and it’s oh-so fabulous. If a coat is too much for you, then add a faux fur scarf instead. It’s minimial, conservative, and still on trend.
  • 4. Outerwear on Point – From long coats to shorty short bombers, during the winter months, a smashing outerwear style is the best way to get noticed at NYFW. Fashionistas rocked color blocked coats, solid coats, printed coats and included embellished design details as well. Let’s just say the outerwear game was strong this season. Skip the buttons and zipper, and you can simply show off your full ensemble underneath the coat.
  • 5. Statement Footwear – Ankle boots, stilettos, and sandals oh my! There were such a variety of shoes crossing those slushy streets during the show. Ankle boots have been on trend for a few seasons, however we’ve seen a change in the shape of the shoe, as well as the colors and textures used. The heels have become chunkier and we’ve embraced cool colors, such a burgundy and cobalt blue. For texture; velvet, leather, metallics, and studs have been incorporated into these styles, making for some super fancy footwear. Don’t forget the over the knee boots, as well as the sassy, colorful stilettos.
  • 6. Mad About Mini Bags – Teeny, tiny, and a tad bit unpractical, we’ve seen so many mini bags on the market this year. I choose to wear them to complete a look when I’m headed out on the town. Due to their size, you obviously can’t fit your life into that bity space, which I truly depend on, while living in the city. But, I do crush over their “cute” factor, and manage to suck it up, snatching only my lipstick, wallet, mints and phone for the day.
  • What did I learn from my second round of street style photography? I was focused on composing my shots. I stuck to details, featuring fun accessories, and I was quick to see color combinations. I steered clear from the crowds, as I didn’t want feel stressed or bombarded with other photographers surrounding me. It was once again, a fun experience and a great way to experience fashion though a different lens. The highlight of the day was running into one of my favorite blogger babes, Sydne Summer. Also attending the Lacoste show, were style icons, Camila Coelho, Carolyn Daur, and Ece Sukan.

    As another fashion week has come to a close, I refect on the week. I loved catching up with my all of blogger babes, as well as meeting new friends, and checking out the latest collections. Hope you’re having a lovely week, beauties. Thanks for following along! xx















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