Style Your Winter Blues With Faux Fur Favorites

February 3, 2016

Color combinations can be tricky, especially when piecing together your look. I don’t know about you, but I often have moments of hesitation. Does this color really work with this one? Ok, I’m not so sure, but can I make it work? When I’m creating my looks I stick to a few rules. Am I using a cool color palette or warm palette? Does the color look good with a contrasting hue, such as black? I try different options to see if they work, and usually photograph them as I go along. I always trust photos instead of my eyes.

In the fall, I fell in love with the wine, faux fur Grooved Coat by Eliza J (you can find that post here). I loved the piece so much that I also chose it in Midnight Blue. I’m lucky enough to work with the team that designs the Eliza J coats, and I melt over each one, every season. When I find a statement piece that I just can’t resist, I tend to buy it in a second color as well. Trust me. This one’s worth it.

Now that I had my new faux fur coat, it was time to style it. Blue and black combinations always made me a bit hesitant in the past. The colors are so similar. Do I choose black or blue? What shade of blue; royal, navy, baby blue? Well, the midnight blue paired with black, definitely worked! The black was my base color, leaving the midnight blue to shine as the pop color.

To add interest to the look, I mixed my textures. Since I was wearing a faux fur coat, along with basic black, I chose leather leggings (similar here). My sweater had a few jet black crystals which blended with the look, while adding a hint of sparkle.

To accessorize, I wore my Valentino ‘Rockstud’ sunglasses, YSL bag (similar here), leather gloves, and black, lace up, wedge boots (similar here). Grey ankle boots (like these) would have worked with the color combo as well, however I chose black boots to give my legs an elongated look. This is a great trick for all you shorties out there. Don’t worry. I’m with ya!

Over the weekend, we took a stroll around Lincoln Center, which is one of our favorite spots. Aside from attending the theater, it’s also a fun place for us to sit and people watch. We’ll have dinner across the street, and then wander over the fountain, coffee in hand, and sit to chat for a while. It’s especially lovely in the spring and summer.

So beauties, I hope you learned a thing or two about color combinations, and styling today. I’ll give you as many tricks as I can. As far as faux fur pieces go, this one is a must have for the winter months, so snatch it up asap. That’s all from me! Lots of love from NYC. xx

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