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Over the Moon – Babymoon

June 17, 2018

As I watch the sunrise, from the airplane window, I reflect upon our recent Babymoon to non other than our favorite destination, Maui.

Being our fourth trip to Hawaii, it’s beginning to feel like home. I joke about moving there often, but there’s no other place that I’m as in love with. Each trip has had a different reason for the visit.

Our first was our honeymoon. Our second was an anniversary. The third, was a completely spontaneous trip, after an end to a job that I held for 10 years. Grant insisted on traveling as a way to clear my head, in preparation for life’s new adventure. I had never felt so lost, but strangely so complete and passionate about life at the same time. It was the most eye opening experience of my life and the island was literally a breath of fresh air. It felt like medicine.

This year brought on a brand new job, with a company that I love, and our most exciting news of a growing little boy!

We could think of no better place on earth to celebrate this brand new stage of life. I’ve experienced every possible emotion during my journeys to the island, and this trip was no different.

This time last year, I wished for my life to be just as it is right now. Today, to say I’m grateful, is an understatement.

On our trip, we took time together, as well as alone to process the excitement of the next few months to come. Walks and workouts by the ocean, brunches, dinners out, pool time, and sunsets on the beach, at the Andaz Maui Resort were the perfect way to unwind.

I cannot believe this next phase in our lives is just a few months away. While we were there, I had hit the 20 week mark, which is about halfway through my pregnancy.

The trip felt perfect…relaxing, romantic, and so peaceful. Vacations together, are always my favorite time spent with each other. There are no distractions and zero expectations. It almost feels like being kids again. I love that feeling.

I can tell you that the best part of pregnancy to travel is the 2nd trimester (of course if your doctor approves). I had a great amount of energy, I felt healthy, and the adventure was exciting.

In the next few posts, I’ll be sure to share our favorite places and spaces in Maui, as many of you have requested. Make sure to stay tuned. Wishing you a sunny week, love bugs.

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