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Meet Our Rainbow Baby

August 6, 2019

August 2nd, 2019. That day goes down as the sweetest in our lives. At 4:47pm, our rainbow baby boy London Martin, came bursting into the world.

I feel as though we’ve been waiting for eternity for this little boy, and I cannot even believe he’s real. I never imagined I could love anything more in my entire life.

Our delivery time in the hospital included a 3 day labor period, which ended with a c section. This little boy did not give in without a fight! After a few days of recovery, one day seemed to blur into the next. The day he was born, the first thing I remember was his tiny, voice, echoing in a wailing cry. Grant and I looked at each other, with tears streaming down our faces. I couldn’t believe he was real. I couldn’t believe he was ours. He was finally laid next to me, and my eyes blinked in awe. I remember whispering to him, smiling at him, and finally coming to the realization that our dream baby was now our reality.

It is Monday morning, and I glance out the window, to watch the slow, tranquil, reflective movement of the water, running under the bridge. With London snuggling his head into my chest, and Grant next to me, while resting in my hospital bed, I wished that time could stand still. In that moment, I realized that life truly couldn’t get any better. In that exact place in time, I had everything. The best part is…I still do.

I look forward to our days and years to come with our sweet angel baby. He is a true gift, and our lives feel forever changed. Through the stormy clouds that that life seemed to give, he arched over our hearts as our little rainbow.




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