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August 28, 2017

With the Labor Day holiday weekend fast approaching, you’re looking for that must-have beach accessory, aren’t you? Unicorns are all the rage these days, so why not draw extreme attention to your beach bod for the last time this summer with one, giant unicorn inflatable raft? You are already imagining unicorns leaping across rainbows in the sky aren’t you? Is the sky also raining champagne, in celebration of the last summer weekend as well? I thought so.

While heading to the beach on our trip to Martha’s Vineyard, I spied this beauty of a unicorn raft, which belonged to my three year old cousin. I decided I needed to take it for a test swim. I floated through the ocean, with my little cousin begging to jump on for the ride. There’s nothing that quite makes my day like floating though the ocean, on a unicorn raft, with a toddler. I really think she brings out the best in me. I agree with her belief in unicorns, her enthusiasm for princesses, and her style for all things that sparkle. As I set my silver pom pom glitter shoes, next to her pink glitter shoes, these thoughts were confirmed.

As we left the beach, everyone carried their beach chairs, and I left with one, giant unicorn float around my waist. I walked back to the car, and I’ve never gotten so many smiles, laughs and hysterical comments in my life. Everyone wants to befriend you when you’re walking alongside of an inflatable unicorn. It’s magical, really. As ridiculous as I felt, it was fun watching the smiles and the laughter of the people that passed me by. I totally loved it.

So, I ask you…do unicorns really exist? Well, in the form of an inflatable raft, they most definitely do. Aside from that, let’s take a lesson from a three year old, and use our imagination. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta dream, right?

So beauties, I hope you celebrate the last days of summer in style. Wishing you one, fabulous holiday weekend. xx

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