Adventure Awaits

June 15, 2017

Take a deep breath, a step, and a jump. Wait…scratch that. Just take one giant leap of faith! Expect the unexpected. The chips will fall where they may, but trust that everything will turn out ok! How comfortable are you with these thoughts? These aren’t quite the words that I’ve ever believed before. In fact, I’ve always felt the opposite. You see, my whole life, I’ve been a “planner.” I need to know that I can control what happens in my future, and if I can’t entirely control it, I give it everything I’ve got, in order to try.

As the days go by, and the years pass on, I realize that this isn’t quite the case. Life doesn’t go as planned. You can’t predict the outcome, so you better embrace each day, and give up on predicting the future. As long as tomorrow comes, the sun will shine. The lessons will be tough, but worth it. Expect the crazy, laugh in the face of chaos, and roll with punches.

Remember to dream, and have faith in your future. You’ve got one life to live, so I want you to be carefree, yet fearless. In the spirit of living life to it’s fullest, I’ve agreed to step up to plate, and live my own life spontaneously. It took some convincing, and a slight bit of doubt, but I’m ready. Adventure awaits. Stay tuned.

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