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My Tips For Keeping a Bikini Bod While on Summer Vacay

June 19, 2017

“Hi…I’ll have a margarita, on the rocks with salt. Oh, and the guac sounds delish. Put that on my tab too!” Vacation food really does have me at hello, but how on earth do you keep a bikini bod, while splurging on vacay? I’m no expert, but today, I’m sharing my own summer vacation fitness routine, while traveling.

It can be challenging to fit in workouts while on summer vacay, but personally, I feel best when I’m active. Even if it’s a half hour, instead of my normal workout, I fit it in, because it’s worth it, and because I’m stir crazy, if I’m not moving.

Instead of the typical gym workout at the resort’s fitness center, I like to take my workouts outdoors. I traveled for the view, so I may as well enjoy it. Switching up my workouts keeps me mentally and physically challenged.

We are currently vacationing at the lovely Andaz Maui Resort in Wailea. During our stay, I’m fitting in my workouts with daily runs, on a scenic path by the ocean. The view really can’t get better. If I can get an early start, I’ll go for longer runs and, if I’m short on time, I’ll go for quick sprints, to include interval training, as well as running hills. Running on the beach, through the sand, is challenging for me as well, and obviously feels much different than running on a flat surface. I like to switch up my runs from day to day.

There are approximately ten thousand stairs at our resort. You may dread the stairs in your flip flops, but they are perfect for workouts! I always include running stairs as part of my routine. It gives me a break from my run, and makes for another great challenge.

For arms, I like to include body weight exercises, such as using a lounge chair, or any other platform, for tricep dips. For the core, I practice a series of planks on any surface.

As you can see, there are plenty of creative fitness options, using nature, your resort surroundings, as well as body weight to keep active, while on vacay. Again, I’m not an expert, but this is what works for me. If this works for you, feel free to use any of these ideas.

To Recap:

  • 1. Runs on the beach ( I do them barefoot) or a running path
  • 2. Sprints/hills for interval training, if I’m tight on time
  • Running stairs
  • Travel with a jump rope, for another great source of cardio
  • Basic body weight excercises for arms and core using your resort surroundings

Now, how to look the part during your resort workouts? Don’t worry…Ellie Activewear has got you covered. I know, I know, there’s so much to pack, and so little time! Ellie Activewear is a super fun, monthly subscription service. You pay a monthly fee of $49.95, and a box of five, fabulous activewear pieces shows up at your doorstep like magic, and just in time for vacation! Super easy!

I’m currently sporting the pieces I received in the June box, which are still available, and the July box will be here before you know it. I love the prints, and the silhouettes are flattering to each body type. The fit is true to size, and these pieces felt great to move in!

So, what are your go-to activewear pieces, as well as your favorite summer workouts?I’d love to hear your thoughts, tips and your own tricks. Until then, get your sweat sesh on, and rock your own bikini bod. Cheers from the rainbow state, sporties! xx











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