A Nautical Dress For A Day At Saint Pete Marina

August 11, 2015

This past weekend was an absolute dream in the very best way possible. For my upcoming birthday, my only wish was to celebrate with my sister. She lives in Florida and we rarely see each other, but she is my everything. We booked a flight and flew to Saint Pete a week early, which was exactly what I wanted.

Per usual, my sister treated me like a queen, with fancy dinners, lovely brunches, and an adventurous day at the beach. My sister is a free spirit, loving life and rolling with the punches in so many ways. I’m the opposite, and can be a tad high maintenance from time to time. My sister would quite literally dance in the rain.

On a day that it poured down rain, she insisted that we walk on the beach and drink champagne to celebrate. What did I think of that idea? Absolutely not. In no way shape or form did I want to sit in the pouring down rain, completely drenched to be near the ocean. After some begging and pleading, I gave in and embraced the rain. Eventually it slowed and we had the very best beach day.

Her next idea was to charter a boat. That idea sounded all sorts of lovely to me. Someone would drive the boat of course, and we would lay in the sun, listening to music and relaxing together. “Oh no. We drive the boat,” she says. What??? Panic mode. “We can’t drive the boat. That’s dangerous and I’m not into it. I think it’s a bad idea.” Again, I finally gave in. I’m weak, I guess. Against my better judgement, we hopped on the boat, and I clutched my life vest for the first ten minutes. Once we were out on the open water, it was the most freeing experience. I even drove the boat during parts of the ride! I haven’t driven a car in years (remember, I’m a city girl, and I’m great at walking), but I mastered the boat situation. Maybe captain is really more of my thing.

I’m fairly sure that my sister’s plan during the weekend, aside from celebrating, was to break me free from my boundaries as well as my comfort zone, and that she did.

The things we fear are funny sometimes, and breaking free is such an incredible experience. Of course these were such small instances, but the point is the same. I love and admire my sister’s sense of adventure. She sees the perfect in the “perfect,” but better yet, she sees the perfect in the imperfect. It’s amazing way to live life.

Our day on the boat, inspired my nautical look. I found a lovely cream and blue striped dress by BCBG, which is perfect for a summer evening out. To accessorize, I added neutral sandals, a pearl statement necklace (similar here), a quilted gold bag (similar here) and gold aviators. My gold cuff bracelet (similar here) is an early birthday gift from my sister and parents, and I absolutely love it.

Our photos were taken at the Saint Pete Marina, right where we took the boat out on the water. It seemed representative of the amazing day that we shared together.

The weekend was the very best gift that I ever could have imagined. I loved every second. So, Beauties I hope your summer days have been fun filled, complete with a few adventures. Wishing you a wonderful week. xo

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