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The Secret to Life’s Sweetest Perspective

March 20, 2019

1st day of spring, and I’m feeling that sunshine. #SunsOutBunsOut as most of the swimwear styles will tell you, in Miami Beach this Wednesday afternoon.

After a long winter in NYC, I felt the need to escape for a quick getaway, and Miami Beach is one of our favorite destinations to jet set for a few days away from the New York City grind. While it can be a bit crazy here, it is also easy to find peace and quiet. We chose a room away from the crowds, in a secluded tower, with a balcony that overlooks the ocean, staying at the Fontainebleau resort.

While I’ve stayed at this resort many times, this trip feels different. It feels peaceful. It poured down rain yesterday, but we found the magic in it. Rainy days can be beautiful if you let them be just that (a lesson taught to me, by my sister.) With the door to the balcony open, we laid in bed all day, and listened to the rain. We watched the waves crash upon the shore, and it was therapeutic. Instead of decking myself out in glittering jewels and heels, we ordered room service as we watched the rain fall. Simplicity can be so perfect sometimes. The joy to life is all in your perspective. Do you consider a rainy day to be gloomy, or peaceful, and tranquil? Think about it for a second.

We woke up to sunshine and headed towards the beach. Ugh, I have missed it! I’m moving. The sand between my toes and the sea salt in my hair, made for the best first day of spring. We spent the afternoon with a stroll on the beach, lounging in the sunshine.

Sometimes, when life gets crazy, you need to hit the “force quit” button on the keyboard, and remember that your life is worth actually living. If you can’t do that, then your days just aren’t worth it. It’s tough to find the time, and easy to come up with any excuse, but do yourself a favor and fill a prescription of good old R & R from time to time. You won’t regret it. As I write this, while staring at the ocean, I feel grateful…for my life, for this view, and for the peace and joy that I’ve found in these days. I couldn’t be luckier. I hope you take my advice and do the same. Oh, and I’d also love if you packed me in your suitcase on your next adventure. Let the breath of fresh air be a reset button on your life. Lots of love, and happy spring, sunshines! xx


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