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Fuel Your Fire!

January 28, 2019

Oh, the winter blues. They’re a snooze, aren’t they? It’s bitter cold out, and you find yourself zipping up puffer coat after puffer coat, bundled like the Michelan Man, just to stay warm. I know. I’m with ya.

At the end of the day, you find yourself plopped on the couch, endlessly scrolling Instagram, with little motivation to do anything. As you continuously scroll, you may find yourself in the habit of wishing your life were more like the photos you happen to be scrolling on Instagram. They’re perfect, aren’t they? The endless sandy beaches, the dreamy destinations all over the globe (#wanderlust), the perfect bodies, #sweatsesh workouts, adorable mommy n’ me photos, and the gorgeous parties. Holy #FOMO! It seems as though none of these people are couch surfing like you. And you start to feel bad. You start to feel jealous, and there are times you question your own life, and wish that yours would fit perfectly into 1”x 1” Instagram square.

But what if you viewed it all differently? I view social media through very different eyes, since I have a love for it. It is, of course, a large part of my job. I use social media as inspiration for my life. There are people out there, going incredible places, creating amazing things, building their own businesses, and sharing it with the world, all through the watchful eyes of social media. Sure, it’s a highlight reel, set on display for the world to see, but why not use this to fuel your own fire? Imagine what could happen if you shared what you love; what you’re truly passionate about, with the world in just a few moments? Think about being inspired by the positive lives that you see, and riding that wave, so that it affects your own life?

Social media is a powerful, tool, which of course can be used for good or evil. Find the benefit in it, by supporting those you love, creating and sharing your own passion, and by reaching out to network and meet those that you admire in your industry. I have met many people this way! It has led to projects, collaborations, and friendships that I hold near and dear to my heart. It DOES NOT matter how many followers you have in order to do this. That’s the beauty of it.

So next time you crawl into your pjs, and settle in for your next Instagram scroll sesh, use it for good, and find the positive in all that you see. It’s a great perspective to have on life anyways. And while you’re at it, maybe it will inspire you to create that dream of your own. All it takes is 1 username, and 1 photo to start sharing your own work. Its about 5 minutes total, and you and I both know you’ve got that time.

If you ever need advice, or help brainstorming, I’m just a text message, DM, or email away, and I’d love nothing more than to assist in anyway that I can.

So what are you waiting for? Get off that tush, and fuel your own fire. I know you can! xx

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