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One Wish

August 15, 2017

If you had one wish on a cake, with a million twinkling candles, what would it be? An endless spin around the universe? An epic journey across the globe? A new job? A growing family? A shiny new home? There are too many things. How do you focus on just one aspect in your life?

Ok, fine. If you choose not to have cake, and you opt for a plate of nachos with a celebratory candle instead, I totally get it. I may have done that past as well (please don’t judge). Is my life exactly where I want it to be right now? Nope, not at all. I still have so many pages to turn in my book, and the story is far from over. Isn’t that the journey though?

In a year, I’ve grown more than I ever thought possible. Through each challenge I’ve faced, I’ve learned more about myself each day. This year reminded me that I could free fall, and trust myself to land on my feet, even if it isn’t always as gracefully as planned. I’ve had to throw out the rule book that I’ve kept well organized in my back pocket. Over the course summer, I’ve realized the power and the excitement of reinvention. I’ve searched low and high, to find the silver lining through it all. There is always a silver lining, if you search hard enough. Things don’t always quite go as planned, so quit while you’re ahead, and enjoy the ride.

You could choose not to acknowledge your birthday. You could hide from the dreaded number, and let life pass on by without the recognition or the celebration. But, why? Regardless of the year, regardless of the excitement or pain in this journey called life (and you will inevitably experience both), light that fire, and mark each year with a candle. Better yet, mark it with a million candles and watch them glow. It’s another year in your own life and a new page to your story. Trust me…it’s worth the celebration. Multiply that one wish times each year in your life, and you better believe they’ll add up!

As I spent my birthday weekend in Martha’s Vineyard, I found myself walking into a pitch black room, lit by candles. The glow of the flame, danced across the faces of the people that stood around that table. They are the people that I cherish most in my life. The ones that have supported me on my journey; the ones to catch me when I fall, and the ones to believe in me. The candle light reflected in their eyes, and my heart was full. In that room, stood all I’ve ever needed, and all that I am grateful to have this year, and always. I’ve found peace, trust, and hope in the friends, family and incredible support system I’ve had this year.

In celebration of my own trip around the sun today, I will make one wish tonight. I hope that you will celebrate each and every year of your life, with your own cake (or plate of nachos) full of candles, along with one memorable wish. Cheers to an infinite number of candles and endless trips around the sun. “Life is short. Wear sequins and enjoy the party.”

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