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Holy Discoballs! We Made it!

January 1, 2019

On a dark, rainy, New Year’s Eve night, I watched raindrops trickle down my window. As I peered out outside, I saw reflections of the city lights, as the rain wiped away the dust of 2018. “Does this seem symbolic of the year?” Grant said. He had it 100% right. It most certainly did. The dust of that stormy year finally settles, and we move on.

From the dark reflections that caught my eye outside, to the bright, flicker of lights inside, I was mesmerized. You see, we had started shooting our first post of 2019 on New Year’s Eve. On a rainy night in, it felt like the perfect opportunity.

With bright light surrounding me, in a shimmering sequin dress, I spun the disco ball as it flashed before before my eyes, over and over, listening to the shutter of the camera. As the hours and minutes of the year ticked away, I watched as I spotted my reflection in that glimmering ball. I saw fragmented pieces of light, but as a whole, it was complete. Over and over it spun, as I watched. My heart warmed, as I realized the brilliance of the future was upon us.

I am a lover of light. I’m happiest when it surrounds me, however through our lives the flicker can seem to fade as time goes on, often symbolic of one’s journey. Stay in the light. Find the goodness, the sweetness, and the happiness that exists within this world, and within yourself. I promise you it’s always there.

Midnight struck, and the sound of the fireworks boomed from Central Park. We made it! Per our tradition, we would have been out there watching them, but the rain stopped us. I couldn’t see them, but I caught the reflection through the windows, and I sure did feel them. The echo of the celebration signified new beginnings…bright ones at that.

In 2019, I wish for you to find the light within. Believe in the future, as well as yourselves, and each other. With eyes bright, and an open heart, I’m ready!

Cheers to the New Year, my lovebugs. I hope it brings you everything you work for, and everything you wish for. xx

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  • Reply Kasia January 2, 2019 at 10:29 pm

    Dear friend I hope the new yer brings you new hope. Gorgeous pics. I see the light!

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