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To New Beginnings

September 9, 2018

The last few days of summer and the first few days of Fall…I can already feel the change in the air. It’s that crisp feeling, that reminds me of renewal. Rosh Hashanah, (the Jewish New Year) is upon us, and it is a reminder of new beginnings. A time to reflect upon the past year, to appreciate what it was, and a chance to improve upon the coming year; looking forward towards life with fresh eyes and an open heart.

I will tell you that each year the holiday arrives, it hits me in the face. It arrives abruptly, and I’m never sure what to expect, or how I will feel. The years feel different…all of them, depending on my current story. Some years feel like a celebratory reflection, and others are hard. It can be challenging to glance at my life though a mirror, and see the honest truth staring back at me. This time of year brings me back to center, whether I want to be centered or not. Often times I’d like to remain distracted, but it forces me to take a good, hard look at myself…my strengths my weaknesses, and my flaws, and see myself for everything that I am. It’s honesty at it’s best.

This year has been a rough and tough one for me. Highs and lows to say the least. I’m nervous to stare at my reflection this year, yet I respect my body and my mind for getting through it. Even if it’s another day, be it my best or my worst. I wouldn’t take it back though…any of it. I appreciate what life has given me. It taught me. It challenged me. It changed me. I will never be the same.

I look forward to the coming year with bright eyes and an open heart. I will believe in the good, throughout my relationships, myself, and my life. Believing is really and truly everything.

In the coming year, whether you celebrate or not, I hope the same for you…regardless of your journey. Each of us has our own. To new beginnings, and happily ever afters. Let’s believe that. Shanah Tovah Umetukah…wishing you a sweet New Year, full of life, love, health, and happiness. All my love. xx

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