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I Got Beachwaved In Paris

December 14, 2016

Hop a flight and take off to Paris…check! Bring photographer/Instagram husband…double check. Now, what to pack? Dresses, leggings, outerwear, a zillion pairs of shoes…perfect! Now will my hair products and styling tools even fit into my suitcase? I usually pack my flatiron, sprays, and other hair styling products for any occasion. Ok, sit on suitcase, smash suitcase, step on suitcase, say a quick prayer, and it closed! Hallelujah! My hair products and styling tools made the cut! They were on their way to a fancy trip to Paris. Ooh la la!

Oh this particular trip, we were traveling for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Grant was shooting backstage photos for Beachwaver, who was the hair sponsor for the show. The Beachwaver was the official styling tool of the show, created by celebrity hair stylist, Sarah Potempa. Their team of stylists used the specialized Beachwaver curling iron to style each of the Victoria’s Secret Angels for the show in Paris. One night, 50 models, and hundreds of Beachwaved locks, ready to rock the runway. It was quite the show.

We traveled with the Beachwaver team, and I had the privilege to meet each of the team members, as well as Sarah, Emily and Erin Potempa. Not only was the team incredible, they worked their Beach-waving hearts out, to create each stylish, glamourous look you saw on the runway. They are full of passion, pride, and extremely talented.

During our stay in Paris, I was introduced to the Beachwaver, rotating curling iron, and quickly learned how to use it. The Beachwaver is simple to use, and creates gorgeous curls in an instant. The iron does the work for you, by grasping a lock of hair. With the push of a button, your hair is spiraled up, by the rotating iron, and as you let go, your curls are magically created. Super simple!

I worked the Beachwaver magic on myself, for a night out in Paris. My hair was straight when I started, so I loved that the Beachwaver gave me a simple, lose curl. As I finished my look, and worked the wand around my head, my curls began to blend together. A quick tousle, and it looked as if my hair was blown out. It had volume, curl, and the best part was, it took a short amount of time to create the look.

The evening before the show, we joined the Beachwaver team for a fancy dinner in celebration for the big event. We had a blast, and met several of the style influencers and editors who would be attending the show as well. The food was delicious, and the energy was contagious as everyone was buzzing with excitement for the big day.

To style my look for the evening, I wore a brand new Ted Baker, dress, which is perfect for the holidays. I had been looking forward to wearing this beauty and it had been hiding in my closet for quite some time. I loved the midi length of skirt, complete with the center slit. The top portion of the dress, had a playful, yet edgy look, paneled with leather, and embellished with crystals. To complete my look, I layered a faux fur piece (similar here) over the dress, and wore pointed toe pumps (similar here).

Paris was a success, and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was epic. It was a dream to be a part of it all, and we felt lucky for the journey, and thankful for the people we met along the way.

If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for the glamour girl in your life, or you just have you get your hands on a Beachwaver for your own holiday treat. Look no further. You can purchase them here. Happy Beachwaving!

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