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Summer Workout Challenge with Ellie Activewear

July 30, 2017

Do you workout solo? Do you have a fit fam? Are you overly obsessed with classes? I love all of the above. Sign me up for everything! If you’ve been following along over the past year, you know that I’m a fitness addict. This summer, aside from my typical workout routine, (which you can read more about here), I’ve also been loving my solo workouts in the city. They are so much fun, but also quite a challenge, because I need to self motivate. Some days, that’s easier than others. Am I right?

It’s true that sometimes solo workouts can feel lonely. If you’re a person that needs the group environment and the positive reinforcement, I totally get that. My solo workouts are a time to take in my surroundings, and appreciate the summer sunshine. It’s also a time to focus, as well as challenge myself.

What are my go-to summer workouts? I live close to Central Park, and I’ve been taking full advantage of it this summer. It feels adventurous when the weather is beautiful, so I go for it. I start out with a distance run, followed by running sets of stairs near Bethesda Fountain. I finish with a series of lunges, squats, and tricep dips using the Central Park benches to assist me. I do ab work on the grass in Sheep’s Meadow, with planks, as well as some crunches. I use the trees to lean against and stretch. There’s something so different about working out in nature, and I absolutely love it. Whether you’re a gym rat (which I am), or you’re a runner, it’s fun to switch up your routine from time to time.

For my Central Park workout, I’m sporting a few fancy pieces from the Ellie Activewear July box. Ellie Activewear is a monthly activewear subscription service, which I absolutely love. For each month’s subscription, you receive five fabulous pieces for $49.95 to complete your workout wardrobe. This month’s subscription came with a gray and coral theme, which was so much fun to wear. The leggings are color blocked including, heather grey, panels of black mesh and a pop of coral. The sports bra is heather grey, and the top is bright coral, with sheer striped panels. Make sure to check out the upcoming box for the August subscription.

A question I often get asked is, “how do you stay motivated?” My answer? When you squeeze in your daily sweat sesh, make sure that it’s something that you love. Make it fun, as well as challenging; that way you’re proud of yourself for pushing through it, but you loved it too. It really makes a difference! So beauties, I wish you a fabulous week. Give yourself a new challenge this week, and go crush it. Lots of love from me, in sunny NYC. xx





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