Little Navy Dress For a Night Out in Vegas

May 31, 2015

What’s better than a traditional little black dress? A little navy dress! While I’ve fallen in love with prints and bright colors this season, there’s something so simple, sleek, and sexy about a clean, form fitting silhouette. The lines are flattering, and it showcases the woman’s figure much more than the dress itself.

I found the most perfect little navy dress during fashion week. We were at a Lulu’s style event and we were able to choose any piece of clothing that we loved. There was barely anything left on the rack and I scooped up this little navy number, without even knowing if it would fit. I could basically roll it in a ball and it wouldn’t wrinkle. At the time, it appeared as though it could fit, and the deep V neckline looked interesting to me. I went for it. Off the hanger, the dress was a complete gamble, but on my body, the dress was magic. I instantly fell in love.

During our recent trip to Vegas, Grant and I went out, to paint the town on a Saturday night. And by paint the town, I mean we got gussied up, went to a fancy dinner at Tao in the Venetian hotel, and I’d eventually flake out on our adventurous night, opting for ice cream instead of champagne. I know…so unlike me, right?

During our evening soiree, I saw a million girls with scantly clad cocktail dresses that appeared to be painted on their bodies. I feared for the girls’ booties, as I was sure butt cheeks would slide out of their dresses while riding up escalators. Breasts, booties, more breasts, and more booties. Everywhere!

My point? I’d like to offer a few tips on the “little” navy dress, or really any little cocktail dress for that matter. Please, please make sure it’s tasteful. Wearing a sexy dress is all about balance. Although my dress had a deep V neckline, it was also mid length, which means it came past my knees. You also need to know your body and what fits you well. My chest is small, so low cut dresses work well for me. I don’t have crazy cleavage, so I can pull this style off, without looking inappropriate. I like the longer hemline of the dress as well, because it’s an elegant, sophisticated look. The back of the dress had a beautiful, strappy detail, which I loved.

So, what did we learn? I’ll recap for you. While shopping for your perfect, little cocktail dress, here’s what to look for.

  • Choose solid colors. I’m not saying to stray from prints, but a solid color will show off your body the best, rather than distracting from it with a busy print.
  • Choose a simple silhouette. A dress with clean, easy lines, will again show off your body the best. You should be wearing the dress. The dress should not be wearing you. Often dresses can look better on the hanger, than they do on a woman. Make sure to try every style on. I like to take photos as well, to better help choose the dress I purchase.
  • Make sure the fit is flattering on your body. Cocktail dresses are all about fit. If the fit is off, the dress will not look good; regardless of where you bought the dress, how much it cost, or the fancy label. If needed, make sure you take the dress to a tailor, to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Balance the design details. If the dress has a low cut neckline, make sure it also has a longer hemline. If the dress is super short, look for a sophisticated neckline, like a one shoulder option, or a halter. Another pet peeve of mine is a low neckline and a high cut slit in the dress. Remember that looking sexy and sophisticated is all about balance. Choose one or the other to show off, but not both.

To accessorize my look, I balanced my jewelry as well. I chose a simple, delicate gold necklace (similar here), and crystalized, chandelier statement earrings (similar here). The jewelry pieces are about balance as well. I wore a few Swarovski crystal bracelets and completed my look with silver, stiletto sandals as well as a silver clutch by BCBG Maxazria (similar here). Remember that your accessories should compliment the color of your dress, not fight it.

We had a fabulous night together in Vegas and I felt like a million bucks in my fancy little, navy dress. Why on earth did I wait so long to wear it? It’s a true gem, and one that I’ll be sporting quite often this season. Summer rooftop soirée, anyone?

So Beauties, I hope I’ve helped with a few tips for choosing your fancy new cocktail dress. I’d love to see some of your favorites, so make sure to give us a shout out. If you have any styling questions, I’d love to help answer those as well. Lots of love. xo

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