When Cupid and NYFW Collide

February 21, 2016

One tiny voice made me open my eyes and heart a bit wider, one lovely Sunday afternoon. It just happened to be Valentine’s Day and New York Fashion Week. It was business as usual for us. Instead of focusing on a perfect date, we end up working. Grant was still shooting each of the shows, and I was busy styling a very special outfit, to introduce you to fabulous company which I love, called Style Lend.

The look I had styled included the most gorgeous, Chanel vest, which was my statement piece of my outfit. The vest was velvet, with a satin lapel and it had a classic, pearl and crystal closure. It had been a dream of mine to wear a piece designed by Chanel, and Style Lend was the perfect destination to choose my piece. They are the very best source for online, shopping. Think of every designer piece you’ve ever wanted. Then scroll onto their website, drool over it, and rent it for a week at a reasonable price. They deliver in an instant, and you’ll have your dream wardrobe before you know it. When the week is up, they’ll pick it up from you, dry clean it, all while you’ll be choosing your next item. Magic, right? Exactly!

I chose to pair the vest with a black bodysuit, black pants (similar here), and tall black boots (similar here). I kept the look simple in order to let the vest shine. I accessorized with elbow length, satin gloves (similar here), a statement necklace (similar here), envelope clutch, and black Valentino ‘Rockstud’ Sunglasses.

I met Grant downtown, as he was finishing shooting street style for the Diane Von Furstenberg show. As much as it’s fun to go out on the weekends, it’s also our only time to work together. We try to focus on that as much as possible.

It was absolutely freezing outside, as I posed in my sleeveless look while we shot photos at the Whitney Museum. I always get strange stares as we take pictures. People make faces at me, take awkward iPhone photos, and it used to make me incredibly uncomfortable. I’ve finally learned to embrace what I do, and just ignore it.

However, this particular day, I couldn’t help but notice the sweetest little girl, dressed head to toe in pink, watching me pose, from inside the Whitney Museum. She had her cute little button nose pressed up against the window. We finally finished and I darted inside to warm up for a few minutes, while putting on my coat and gloves.

The little girl ran over to me with her mom. “Hi!” she says. “I was watching you, and you were amazing! Weren’t you cold out there?” I laughed. “Thank you so much,” I said. “Yes, I was freezing. Don’t ever go outside without a coat. It’s silly and your Mom wouldn’t be too happy with you.” She said she had always wanted to see a fashion show. I told her she should go see a real show. She said, “I just did and I loved it. You look really pretty.”

The little girl in pink melted my heart, that day. She was my tiny Valentine. She spoke beautifully and with such confidence. There was just something about her. She had a sweet face, kind eyes, and an honest soul. She spoke those words without any doubt in her mind. I love the honesty and innocence that children share with us. After I stood outside, shivering and somewhat doubting myself, I walked inside, only to be greeting by her warm, little heart. It’s amazing how such a tiny person, can make such a giant statement, if you just take the time to listen. She reminded me to respect myself a bit more that day. Wherever that little girl is right now, I know she’s going to grow up to be an incredible woman.

Grant and I both smiled at each other as we walked away from the museum. He then surprised me with a date at our favorite restaurant, Catch to celebrate. My Valentine’s Day was made.

So beauties, I hope you remember that sweet, small voice that spoke to me that day. It lives within each and every one of you. It is an innocent, open minded voice, yet we choose to hide it out of fear. Instead of embracing doubt, I hope you choose to radiate joy and confidence. I know that it can be a challenge. Learn to embrace the positive qualities and respect yourself. Be your own love, and your own tiny, little Valentine. Lots of love and wishes for a wonderful week. xx

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