Leather, Lace + Sass For Day 3 of NYFW

September 14, 2015

New York Fashion Week is in full swing. The city is bustling with designers showcasing their latest collections, and models walking the runways, while editors and fashionistas have taken over the town in their fanciest stilettos, just to get a piece of the action. Since I work in the fashion industry, I will tell you that fashion week trumps it all. Fashion brands and designers hustle the entire year to put together their collections, which are on display during fashion week. You’ll never see the work that goes into each collection behind closed doors, but let me tell you from experience, it is quite a labor of love.

Attending the fashion week events and runway shows feels just as glamorous as it looks. I love reviewing each brands’ collection and finding overall trends and colors stories for each season. If any time in the entire year is the most inspirational to me, it’s definitely fashion week.

Now, for the most important part. What to wear to fashion week events? For each event or show, I like to have a different look, and each of my ensembles has a theme. For Day 3 of fashion week, I went for leather and lace, with a side of sass. This look is incredibly different for me. You may be used to seeing my millions of floral dresses, splashed with bright colors. It’s true, I do love color, however I often choose an edgier look in the Fall.

I put together this look, building it from the inside out. Sheer or mesh tops layered over intricate lingerie is very much on trend this season. I happened to find a black, lace bodysuit that I absolutely fell in love with. I stopped, drooled, but kept walking. The reality? As fancy as it looked, it also looked like quite a bit of effort, to even get myself snapped into. Next I found an imitation, leather skirt. I loved the silver contrasting metal on the zippers, as well as the edgy look of the skirt. I remembered the bodysuit I found earlier, and thought it would work perfectly underneath this piece. Next I found a sheer, mesh, emerald green blouse with a turtleneck and suddenly I had an outfit. I loved the contrast of the high turtleneck, with the lace bodysuit showing though the blouse.

I tried on the lace bodysuit, added the shimmering turtleneck, and tucked it into my leather skirt. The look felt a bit racy for me. It was so wrong, but so right all at the same time. I took a million fitting room selfies, quite hesitant of the look. I felt as if I was playing out a different character in my life…a girl that was daring, mysterious, and adventurous. I loved it.

Fashion week is a time and a place to truly express yourself through your wardrobe, in whatever way you choose. Basically there are no rules, and everything goes. Even attempting to stand out in a crowd, and being photographed for street style shots is a challenge. While my bold look, made me a bit nervous, I went for it.

We went to an evening show for designer, Son Jung Wan and my shimmering, edgy look was perfection. As I approached the fashion week venue, I fit into the the crowd, and I even was photographed for street style. Success! Although, if you happen to live around the Upper West Side (which is where we dined after the show), I’d highly suggest layering with a jacket. You may get a few looks.

If you like the look I put together, you can always add a black, lace camisole, underneath the turtleneck, for a more conservative feel. Remember, there’s always a time and a place. I’d never wear this outfit to a daytime brunch, or any work event, however for fashion week, it worked beautifully.

The lesson from Day 3 of fashion week? Be adventurous with your wardrobe. I mean it. It’s a brand new season, so spend time finding items that feel fancy, feminine, or sassy. Whatever look you’d like to go for, challenge yourself and rock it. Wishing you a wonderful fashion week. I hope you are checking out some of the collections on the runway, and loving them as much as I do. Have a fabulous week, Beauties! xx

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