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Do the Shit You’re Bad At

August 19, 2018

Boxing and ballet. Two of my greatest loves in life. One, I’ve dedicated to practicing for fifteen years (boxing/martial arts). It’s become my greatest crutch during challenging points in life, and my true love on my greatest days. The other, ballet, I let slide, practicing sporadically throughout my life, but ultimately letting my practice fall to the side. Quite opposite sports, yet both require discipline and strength.

I feel confident in my martial arts practice. It’s a game I’m always attempting to perfect, but after many years, I can say that I’m proud of my skill and feel strong after each class.

Ballet on the other hand, has always caught my eye. It’s beautiful, full of grace, and precision. I’ve recently resumed my practice after many years and started taking at Alvin Ailey Studios. As of now, I can say that I feel clumsy and imperfect. I can easily identify my weaknesses. Let’s just say, I’m not a prima ballerina…yet.

During class, I move in the wrong direction, can’t remember the moves, and often feel like a klutz. I follow the girls in front, and hide in the back (which is not something I’m used to) just to try to master the moves, or even get comfortable with them.

That’s the thing about this idea though…finding comfort in the discomfort. It literally keeps me on my toes, as I’m not quite sure what comes next. I’m learning from the ones that come before me, until we divide into groups of four, and I’m forced to be in the front.

The rest of the women know the routine and I don’t. They glide across the floor, twirling with ease, as I struggle to keep up. I’m caught off guard, nervous to stare at the imperfection in the mirror, yet I face it anyways. I keep moving and gliding. Slowly I begin to understand the moves. They start to feel familiar, and I love it.

I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s something I’d love to continue to work towards. I have point shoes which I’ve never used, and I’m hopeful to learn to twirl on them.

Putting forth effort at the things that don’t come easy, forces me to be stronger and to learn, and learning can be so much fun.

Do you have something that you’ve always wanted to learn? Something that you’re so excited about? Do it…even if you’re not the best one out there. Maybe you will be, if you put in the effort. One step, (or pirouette) at a time.

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