Birchblogger Breakfast With W3LL People Cosmetics

March 24, 2014

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Birchblogger breakfast with Birchbox and W3LL People cosmetics. I had the incredible opportunity to meet Shirley Pinkson, one of the founders of the all natural cosmetic brand. Shirley spoke about her background and development of the brand. We learned about each of the products, had a chance to ask questions, and received makeovers from the artists.

W3LL People is an all natural brand, using an advanced botanical complex with ingredients such as organic aloe, organic chamomile, and green tea. The most powerful ingredient in the products is the aloe vera, which is proven to sooth, moisturize and heal the skin.

After having my makeup applied, I noticed the staying power of the products. My makeup was applied in the morning, lasted throughout my day, as well as my evening events. I was beyond impressed. Aside from color options, this is the most important quality when choosing my make up brands. I am always on the go, without much time to refresh my look. I need products that will keep my face fresh looking all day. I give W3LL people five stars in this category.

When I applied the products at home, I realized that what Shirley told us about the pigment of the make up was true. I didn’t need to apply much of the makeup at all, since the the color was visible and rich, with just a small amount. These products will last me a long time, without having to replenish, which is another plus.

The colors the artists chose for me seemed to be perfect. My favorite products so far, are the Narcissist Stick Foundation 2, and Universalist Color Stick 6. The color stick is multifunctional and can be used for the eyes, cheeks or lips. I use this color mostly on my cheeks, and only need to dab a small amount to achieve a beautiful, glowing color. I would definitely purchase these products.

I have received several compliments on my make up since starting with the W3LL People. These products keep me feeling fresh faced and fabulous throughout my day. I would highly recommend this brand.

Photo by Grant Friedman.

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  • Reply Nathalia March 26, 2014 at 10:49 am

    Hi Hallie, what a great opportunity to be able to experience Well People along with the founder.
    This is the make up that i use, I tried other foundations but the Narcissist works best for my skin. The other product that I use is the Nudist colorbalm stick.

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