A Fabulous Evening at the Queen of the Night with Priv

March 2, 2015

I recently had the incredible opportunity to see the show, Queen of the Night, compliments of the beauty and wellness company, Priv. Priv is an app, which allows clients to book beauty appointments, health and spa treatments, and manicures/pedicures on demand through their phone. By booking the appointment, users are able to choose their service, review and decide on the professional, select a time, location, and pay online. It’s pretty amazing. With just the touch of a button, you can have your hair styled, a makeover, or a personal training season from the luxury of your own home. Priv is currently located in NYC, Los Angeles, and London. I’d highly recommend using this app for any of your beauty and wellness needs. I absolutely love it.

That evening, I was lucky enough to have Priv come to my home, and give me the most fabulous makeover before the show. We were able to choose a make up style from similar to several characters from the show. I chose a smoky eye and bold lip, to match the look of the character, Pamina. The makeup professional that came over was so sweet. She explained each step, the products she was using, spoke with me about the blog, and was inspired by our story.

Once my makeup was finished, I styled myself in my fanciest little black dress, added my Louboutin heels, a few jewels, and headed out to the show. I was beyond impressed with The Queen of the Night. As I walked into the gorgeous Diamond Horseshoe, at the Paramount Hotel, I felt my world transform in front of my eyes. From glowing lights, and an eerie spiral staircase, a fallen crystal chandelier, and fantastic costumes, I knew I was in for a treat. The show is an interactive theater experience, complete with dining, cocktails, and a dazzling show. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from my surroundings and the surprises that lurked around every corner. I was amazed by the intricate costumes of the actors, and the incredible show they put on that evening. I sat with a fun, new group of fashion bloggers who were invited to the event as well. I loved being able to meet them, and experience the fabulous evening together. When I say we were wined and dined, I mean it. Servers came to our table with lobsters, endless entrees, and cocktails.

I truly felt like a queen, myself that night. There are days when you work so hard, perfecting your craft, and hope to get somewhere. Then there are those days, when something incredible happens, or you experience something truly out of the ordinary. Those are the moments that make the your countless hours of work, truly worth everything. So, on a random Tuesday night, with a day notice, and a group of inspiring women around me, I felt nothing but pride and joy, knowing that I can truly make my own dreams come true. It’s totally worth it. Every minute, every hour, and every bit of my heart.

If you get a chance to see Queen of the Night, in NYC, I’d highly recommend it, and you can find your tickets here. Many thanks to the incredible companies, Priv, Queen of the Night, and Small Girls PR for the incredible evening. It is truly one I will never forget.







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