Shorty Shorts

June 4, 2017

Hi. My name is Hallie. I’m 5’2″ on my good days. My feet dangle when I sit on chairs, subway seats, and toilet seats (I know…tmi). I choose food at the grocery store, based on the shelves I can reach…which isn’t many. When it comes to clothing, it’s a greater challenge.

When it comes to shorts, I just get scared. I’ve always loved the way they look on tall girls with lean legs, but I’m quite the opposite body type. I’m curvy and I’ve got thick legs, and a small waist. Another style challenge! In the past, I’ve strayed from shorts. They seemed complicated for my body type. And the “thigh gap” that so many girls have, while strutting in their teeny, tiny shorts…forget that. I’ve never seen it on my body in my life, nor will I ever. I’ve learned to embrace my legs. They allow me to do what I love, which is to be active…running, jumping (although not very high), and kickboxing.

With that in mind, I decided to throw caution and insecurity to the wind, and pick up a pair of high waisted shorty shorts this season. As I grabbed these bright orange, ruffled beauties, I was doubtful. They were super tiny, with a longer ruffle at the bottom. I slid my legs into them, and to my surprise, they fit perfectly. With a bit of hesitation in mind, a whole lot of selfies, I mustered up some courage and went with them! What did I learn? The high waisted style, accentuates a small waist, and the ruffles at the bottom, helped with my curvy hips as well as my legs. They were a win! I found a floral, off the shoulder blouse, and tucked the top into the shorts for a mod look. You could leave the blouse untucked as well.

True test? I showed Grant and he loved them. The look somehow elongated my legs. Did I get super crazy stares on the subway as well as walking around Brooklyn Bridge Park in my shorty shorts? Hell to the yes! Did I care? Definitely not. Rock your own style, and others will follow.

To finish off my look, I designed fun, fabulous tassel earrings in shades of red, pink, and orange to coordinate with the outfit. Tassels are all the rage for summer, and these earrings are currently on sale! Make sure to email me, if you are interested at

Is there a style you’ve always loved, but not quite sure that it fits your body type? I hope you’ve learned how to tackle that one. 1. Muster up some confidence. 2. Agree to love the body that you live in. 3.Experiment with different styles. You will find one that works for you! Wishing you a lovely week beauties. Lots of love. xx

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  • Reply Kasia June 7, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    Awesome post Hallie. I’m on the cusp of petite so finding pants and shoes is always a challenge. And I also have a small waist and I got some thighs so that’s another issue. I love how you own these shorts and the heck with the looks. You look fabulous girl!

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