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July 5, 2017

It sounds like a simple task, and yet it’s an easy one to forget. There are places and spaces that help me to breathe much easier, and Maui is one of them. It’s quite the distance from NYC, but somehow, this place feels like home.

Maybe it’s because it’s our third trip, or maybe this place is purely magical (super cheesy, but true). It takes me approximately 2 days (this trip, 2.5 days) to chill out, and leave all worries behind, but once I do, I feel like another person.

I stop and stare at things I normally wouldn’t. I appreciate life for what it is, for all that I’ve been given, and for all that I can give back. I take in my surroundings with a deep breath, a clear mind, and I’m grateful for each day. The pace here (they call it Island Time) allows me to do so, and it’s just what I needed.

Do you have a special place that allows you to do the same? I hope you do. It’s important to take take time out of your daily life to stop, re-evalute, breathe, and re-boot. I’m excited to continue sharing this journey with you. Make sure to tune in. Wishing you a wonderful week, beauties. Lots of love. xx

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