A Rare Weekend Without Sequins

August 16, 2016

Sequined party dress..check! Perfectly manicured nails…check! Champagne and sassy stilettos? Double check! Typically, these are my thoughts each year as my birthday weekend rolls around. I get excited about the party, and I love to dress up.

This year, however, I left the sequins behind, and I craved good old R & R more than anything. I longed to celebrate the weekend in a quiet place, with just Grant.

So, we packed up our bags, and spent the weekend in Martha’s Vineyard; a place where I spent a lot of time vacationing as a kid, with my family.

It was the perfect weekend getaway. It felt peaceful, meaningful, and reflective at the same time. Whenever I visit the Vineyard, it reminds me that I can just “be.” It’s refreshing to not have my life planned out each moment of the day. I don’t need to choose the perfect outfit, and who cares if my make up is applied? No one. I definitely wasn’t winning the frizzy hair battle that weekend. The days I attempted to curl my hair, the humidity turned it into a frizz ball, before we even got anywhere. My perfectly painted pedicure, chipped from the salt water in the ocean, and sand on the beach in a matter of moments. So, I let loose, gave in, and embraced the low maintenance change of pace for the weekend.

I walked around, outside of the house barefoot, showered outdoors under the stars, embraced the frizzy hair, and even did this photoshoot without make up; a first for me. I like to be prepared for everything, and love feeling put together, but what if you can’t be?

We planned to watch a sunset on the beach, but it was cloudy and rainy that night, and it just didn’t work out. Did you know that it’s just as peaceful and just as beautiful to watch the rain? It most definitely is.

So, I fell in love with that very “free” feeling. It was fun to embrace beauty, nature, and life in an organic way, much different than my life in New York. You can’t plan out each moment in your life, so you may as well play in the rain, and stare at the stars every chance you get. I definitely took full advantage of that this birthday weekend.

I hope you’ll stay tuned for the rest of our posts from our trip to Martha’s Vineyard. We have lots to share with you! xx

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