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What’s Your Power Color?

November 16, 2016

Do you have a power color? A color that shows your confidence, and makes you feel like a million bucks? You slip on that blazer, zip up that skirt, or throw that statement bag over your shoulder, and it makes a difference in your day right? Ok, so even if you aren’t color crazy, you must have something in your wardrobe, that gives you that “boss babe” vibe. Everyone does.

For me that power color is red. It’s a risky one for me. As much as I love fashion, I don’t always love standing out in a crowd, however the color red does attract attention. It’s unavoidable, eye catching, and stimulates energy. I wear it when I’m feeling confident, or when I want to make an impression. When you wear the color red, people watch, they listen, and they remember.

This season, I’ve gravitated towards all things “red”. I’m loving the hue for the season, and I hope you do to. I’ve found several statement pieces that I love in my power color. Give these styles a shot, or do some research and find a power color of your own. For now, you can borrow mine. You’re welcome! Lots of love. xx

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