Tee Time at President’s Cup Tournament

October 1, 2017

There’s a first time for everything, right? That being said, I spent Sunday afternoon at my very first golf tournament. We were lucky enough to be invited to the President’s Cup Golf Tournament, which took place on Liberty State Golf Course in New Jersey. I was pumped. I’ll admit, I do pass up the golf channel on tv, and I’ve never actually played the game, aside from mini golf and a few shots at the driving range, but I do have high hopes of learning some day! I think it’s an amazing lifetime sport.

The weather was sunny, with a slight breeze, as we strolled from hole to hole overlooking the course, as we watched the golfers compete.The tournament is made up of two teams; the US team and the International team, including professional athletes from around the world. It was amazing to be able to see and experience their talent in person. The US team won the tournament, and the day couldn’t have been better. We shared a lobster roll, from none other than our favorite, Luke’s Lobster, and let me tell you…it was divine.

Now, what did I wear to tee time? Well, pearls, obviously! Isn’t that what you’d wear to “tee time?” It’s supposed to be a fancy event, right? Not so much! Golf tournaments are quite preppy, which was to be expected. Polos, stripes, khakis…the works! Now, do I own any of those things, nope…not at all. So, I decided to give my look a preppy twist that worked for me, (which you should always do, by the way). I wore boyfriend jeans, embellished with pearls, which have become my favorites of the season. I don’t wear much denim, but I am incorporating a few pieces into my fall wardrobe, and I happen to love embellished jeans. I wore a white, ruffle blouse, with a hint of white lace, tucked into the pants, and layered with a white blazer. I wore white sandals, (similar here), tortoise sunglasses, and gold, hoop earrings.

As we rode back on the ferry, we waved to Lady Liberty, as we sailed back to Manhattan, with views of the city in the background. It was the best end to the weekend, and one fabulous Sunday Funday. Wishing you a wonderful week, loves. xx

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