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Life’s Little Loves

May 24, 2016

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What makes you happy? Is it the big stuff or the small stuff? Maybe it’s both. This past weekend, I spent treating myself to the little things that I love, and it made such a difference in my weekend. I cherish the quiet moments in my days; the ones with the sunshine on my face, walking through the park, while sipping on a latt√© from my favorite coffee shop. So, I did just that.

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Talk Derby To Me

April 25, 2016

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Eight years ago, I met a boy from Kentucky. Call it chance, call it coincidence, or call it serendipity, but he walked into my life and chose to stick around all of these years. I’m sure glad he did. The day we met, I could’ve sworn to you that we had absolutely nothing in common. We were as opposite as could be. We met online and he flew here to visit me from Kentucky. Little did I know, that I would spend years traveling back and forth, during our long distance relationship, and eventually he’d become my Instagram husband (and my real one too).

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A Little White Dress For A New York Adventure

September 1, 2015

Living in New York has made me a bit too comfortable. I’m used to having everything at my fingertips, and walking to find anything I need. I’ll shamelessly admit that if the train ride is too far, or I need to cross town, which means taking several trains to arrive at my destination, I just won’t make the journey. It’s that bad. So I basically forget about the entire East Side of Manhattan. I’ve gotten so used my perfect little neighborhood, that I forget to explore anything else. I’m often made fun of, because I won’t even leave the city unless it’s by plane, with the extreme exception of visiting our besties who currently live in Jersey. Only for them, I suppose.

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