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How I Saved My Disastrous NYE Photo Shoot

December 31, 2017

Tonight, in the last few moments of 2017, the clock will count down to midnight. It is a focus on time. New Year’s Eve rolls around once each year, and we spend the last minutes, even seconds, reflecting on on the year that passed, along with a brand new hope for the coming year.

How do you sum up an entire year? It seems overwhelming to say the least. My 2017 was filled with ups and downs. It was a year of accomplishments and well as many challenges. When I reflect upon the year, and what meant the most to me, it boiled down to one thing…time. The moments that I cherished were small but precious. The spontaneous ones gave me life, and they were very best risks worth taking. This was my greatest life lesson of the year. It’s simple to play it safe through life. I often do, and I consider it a strength of mine, yet also a fault.

2018 feels like a clean slate, shiny and new. What will it bring, and how can I make the days, minutes, and seconds of the year count? I intend to take chances, risks, and embrace the spontaneous moments. Life is short but oh-so sweet.

To close out 2017, I chose a multi color sequined blazer (currently on sale), paired with leather leggings ( similar here), and opened toed sandals. It seemed incredibly appropriate to go out with a bang, right? But where would we shoot the photos? The only place that seemed to reflect the year…The Roxy Hotel in Tribeca. Why, you ask? I’m drawn to that epic, gorgeous clock in front of the hotel. It is a reflection of time, and symbolic of the year that passed.

In the darkness of the night, I stood before it, as the city lights twinkled around me. The cars zooming by made my head swirl, and the bitter cold air numbed my fingers and toes, until I could feel nothing at all. I glanced at that clock, as the flash from the camera blinded me. “I can’t do it anymore,” I said. “It’s absolutely bitter cold, and I can’t feel my fingers.” We quickly dodged into the hotel, where the sound of a live jazz band echoed through the hallway of the hotel. We peered inside and sat, for a glass of champagne, while listening to the jazz band, as we warmed up. The night felt festive and spontaneous, so decided to pop on over to Mr. Chow for dinner in Tribeca. As we sat, I thought about our change of plans. While I wanted perfect photos, that evening for the two of us, felt like perfection. The city was quiet, and it was ours. In that moment, it felt like our very own New Year’s Eve.

2018 is a year of change for us, as well as for me personally. As we box up our apartment, and move into our new home, my closet, books, and photos have taken me on a stroll down memory lane. I think of the years and I reflect upon time. I remember each post that I wrote about, the styles I wore, and the memories that we shared in each one of them. It’s a fresh start, and a brand new page in our own story.

As the clock strikes twelve, and 2018 opens a brand new chapter in your own life, what changes will it bring? What goals will you set and how will you mark the minutes, days, and year that will unfold? I hope you embrace it with courage, a whole lot of heart, and meaningful adventures. Cheers to 2018, love bugs. “Life is short. Wear sequins and enjoy the party.”

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