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Boss Babes to Follow on International Women’s Day

March 8, 2017

Kick your heels up and put your party pants on! In celebration of International Women’s Day, I’ve created a roundup of a several business women that are out there killing the game. This includes style icons, entrepreneurs, fitness professionals, and all around badass boss babes.

In so many aspects of my life, I notice the people around me, that inspire me either directly or indirectly on a daily basis. What I appreciate and cherish most, is the incredibly strong group of women that surround me. These women show strength, power, and determination in their craft, business, and their specialized industries. These women inspire me to open my eyes a bit wider, respect myself more, and push myself beyond my boundaries.

Therefore, I dedicate this post to them. I hope that each one of the women that I’ve chosen to feature (in no particular order), help to inspire you as well. Watch them take over social media, watch them excel in business, but better yet, watch them take over the world. I have faith in them, and I faith in you!

However you celebrate National Women’s Day, take a moment to thank yourself as well as the women around you, for being the strength in your life.

Ashley Nelson: Impossibly Imperfect

This blonde bombshell, has a true love for travel, style, and fitness. If that’s not enough, her bubbly personality will have you at hello! Take a spin around the globe with Ashley and follow gorgeous photos of her adventures on Instagram here.

Natalie Zfat

As a social media superstar and entrepreneur, Natalie is an expert on brand collaboration, and a brilliant writer. She’s been published in Forbes, Refinery29, and Marie Claire. There is not a soul that this girl does not know. She’s got style, smarts, good humor, and extreme swagger (oh, and did I mention perfect hair?) She travels the world, and has built her business from the ground up.

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Dr. Lauren Friedman

My smartie pants sis, has made guest appearances on Sleepless in Sequins, and has developed quite the eye for nursery interior design, as well as children’s styling. More importantly, I mention her because she displays strength, determination, courage, and brilliance, while saving children’s lives everyday. Lauren works as pediatrician, specializing in emergency medicine at Rainbow Babies Children’s Hospital. I admire her more than anyone, and aim to carry her strength, gentle heart, courage and sense of humor throughout my daily life.

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Jackie Giardina: Living After Midnite

This blogger babe has one gorgeous face, and I’m crazy in love with her makeup tutorials as well as her style features on her site, Living After Midnite. Follow along to learn about the latest and greatest beauty products, hottest looks, and how to get glam in no time.

Elizabeth Sevetsky: Excessories Expert

All I can say about this style icon, is that I want everything in her closet, along with her creativity to piece together each look. She is brilliant. Her wardrobe, is bright, colorful, and downright gorgeous. In her eyes (and mine), “more is more” and she rocks it. She’s not afraid of taking risks. She’s got two cutie, side kick daughters that will make guest appearances in her posts. You guessed right, they are just as fabulous as she is.

Violet Zaki: Zaki Fitness

Violet is a highly skilled fitness professional, at Equinox in New York City. She teaches students her trademark classes; Zen Combat, ABsession, Atonement, Asset Management, and Powertrip. Violet is a life coach, an expert in technical direction for fitness production, and holds a black belt in Karate. She doubles as superwoman, and there’s nothing she can’t do. Ms. Zaki is my own instructor and coach, and her program is part of my everyday fitness routine. You can read more about her in our recent post, or visit her at Equinox, and let her kick your butt. You’ll be sore, but never sorry.

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Laura Behnke: First and Trend

This fashionista, has multiple talents. Not only is Laura a superstar sports anchor, and well known reporter in New York City; but she’s got style and sass as well. I love the fashion forward looks Laura pieces together, as well as the humor in her posts. Her Instagram stories are epic, and she’ll have you in stitches in no time. You can find her by scrolling though your Instagram feed, or flipping on your tv.

Megan Zeitz: Tf Diaries

Talk about one fashionable mama! Lately, I’ve been loving Megan’s maternity style posts (#bumpwatch), as well as her colorful ensembles. In addition, she creates delicious recipes, and gives killer beauty advice, and has the most adorable children on the planet. Follow this fashionista, as she shows you how to create your own stylish looks.

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Fashionably Petite: Kim Weling

Don’t be fooled by this blogger babe’s petite frame. She’s got one giant heart. Kim is an expert on fashion, beauty, a super foodie, and shares a sneak peek into all of the hottest sample sales in town. She is the first blogger I met, and one of my favorites to know, as well as follow.

Amanda Gluck: Fashionable Hostess

If I could live for the rest of my life in anyone’s home, it would be Amanda’s. On her site, she shares her passion for decor, as well as entertaining. From fancy showers and girls’ night, to dinner parties, this “hostess with the mostess” has got some serious style.

Christine Bibbo Herr: NYC Pretty

As the queen of fitness and fashion, this girl will get your heart racing in two seconds flat. Her style is bold, colorful, yet playful at the same time. Her photos are action filled and I adore them. She also hosts fashion segments as well, where she shares her styling expertise. Christine’s bright personality and and superstar style, will get you up and running in no time.

Kelsey Kaplan: Kelsey Kaplan Fashion

Kelsey has a true eye for style. The way she styles her ensembles is basically creative genius. She pairs prints, mixes fabulous textures and adds complimentary accessories to each one of her looks. I finally met Kelsey in person during NYFW, and she is just as sweet as I imagined.

Palak Patel: Chef Palak

Palak is a skilled celebrity chef, known for winning the Food Network’s Chopped, as well as Beat Bobby Flay. You can book Chef Palak for events, and with one quick scroll through her Instagram feed, you’ll be drooling, and emailing her to whip up a meal, at the same time. I hope you’re great at multi-tasking! Her dishes, are creative, beautifully prepared, and look absolutely delish.

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Jessica Manela: Jessica Manela Interiors

An interior designer, and creative genius, my talented cousin recreates places and spaces, showcasing her beauty and skill with each project she creates for her clients. She has a true eye for color and design detail. Located in Westport, Connecticut, she is available for new and upcoming projects. You can find her on Instagram, or her website.

Jenna Jordan: Trendy Not Spendy

Jenna’s style is perfection. She embraces fashion forward looks, and isn’t afraid of taking risks. Her site, Trendy Not Spendy, will allow you to create a million dollar wardrobe for a fraction of the price.

Haili Pue: All Ze Details

Meet my blogger bestie, and my brunette twin, Haili! From Australia, to London, and back to the US, this blogger babe has lived all over the globe. You’ll fall in love with her travel photos, just as much as her style. She is currently a stylist at Anthropologie, so pay her a visit. She’ll make you feel fabulous in no time.

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Alyssa Surrett : A-Listed

This girl is always on the move! Alyssa shares her trendy looks while jet setting from place to place. I love her sense of style, killer shoes, and of course her love of travel. She’ll show you exactly where you should jet set next!

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Kendall Kremer: Styled Snapshots

This blonde bombshell has nailed the effortless/cool vibe. At a quick glance, you’ll mistaken her for a celeb, casually strolling the streets, with her adorable dog, Hadley. She gives fabulous travel tips, as well as stellar home decor ideas.

Lauren Pruner – PR Blonde

Catch her if you can! The PR boss babe is fast as lighting, and globe trots in style. She’s a true jet setter, showing her followers the best places and spaces around the world. Follow along and she’ll take you on a tour from beach to beach. You’ll book a trip, and will pack your bags full of fun, fancy clothes in no time.

Lisa Rosado: The Style Theory

Lisa is a one woman show! This boss babe does it all with her very own collection of clothing she designed, expert beauty tips, make up tutorials, and style posts. I love her brilliant words, as well as her inspirational posts.

Courtney – Color Me Courtney

This babe has style and pizazz. From her outfits to her accessories, she kills it with color. Her posts are uplifting, and emotional. Follow Courtney, her bf Paris throughout NYC for one fab adventure.

Elena Michelle – A New York Love Affair

I love Elena’s variety in styling. She’s beyond creative, showing her followers effortless, casual looks, fancy and feminine, pieces as well as activewear and workout tips. This bride to be, is getting hitched soon, so follow her for wedding season deets as well.

Alexandra Dieck – Lexicon on Style

This babe is one of my favorites to watch at NYFW. Her style is epic! She sports crazy colors, fabulous statement pieces, and accessories to coordinate with every piece. She is an accessories designer for her gorgeous scarf line she created. Make sure to check out her collection

Shira Rose – A Sequin Loved Affair

Shira’s got style, swagger, and kills it with color in each of the styles she posts. She is an expert in beauty products, and I absolutely love her makeup tutorials. Make sure to watch out for Shira, as she shows you how add glamorize your life.

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