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Navy & Nude for the Weekend

February 29, 2016

I spent the weekend wearing very little clothing. Well, let’s just say that my fancy outfits this weekend were few and far between. While I can usually tell you about our weekend adventures, I was sick for the majority of the weekend. My wardrobe consisted mainly of pjs, and well…more pjs. My choice of cocktail for the weekend? I sipped on a chilled glass of water, on the rocks (snooze). I didn’t even grab a champagne glass. My brunch, lunch, and dinners consisted of plain bread (#allofthecarbs). While the sun was shining, and it looked like spring, I watched out the windows, sleeping for hours upon hours. As I’ve mentioned, being home for even an entire day drives me bananas. I can’t handle it. I was itching to get out, and finally on Sunday, I felt a bit better, and headed out into the sunshine.

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Little Valentine’s Loves

February 12, 2015

In the middle of winter, it’s definitely easy to get caught up wearing the same baggy, cozy pjs, using your basic makeup colors over and over again, until their gone, and spritzing your usual go-to fragrances. However Valentine’s Day happens once a year, and it’s fun to spice things up a bit. There’s no better time than now to splurge on a few pretty little things whether it’s for your love, or to celebrate yourself. Why not? They make you feel special, desired and all around beautiful. You deserve it! So whether you celebrate with your love, your besties, or yourself, make sure to treat yourself like a queen. Here are a few of my favorite Valentine’s finds this season. Enjoy Beauties!

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