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Channeling My Inner Badass With Zaki Fitness

October 30, 2016

What makes you feel powerful in your life? What gives you true confidence? A passion that makes you feel whole, and one that you’re proud of. Fitness is a love in my life that gives me a combined strength, power and confidence. It is my time to myself, to work on perfecting my strengths, as well as channeling energy to improve upon my weaknesses.

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Style Your Winter Blues With Faux Fur Favorites

February 3, 2016

Color combinations can be tricky, especially when piecing together your look. I don’t know about you, but I often have moments of hesitation. Does this color really work with this one? Ok, I’m not so sure, but can I make it work? When I’m creating my looks I stick to a few rules. Am I using a cool color palette or warm palette? Does the color look good with a contrasting hue, such as black? I try different options to see if they work, and usually photograph them as I go along. I always trust photos instead of my eyes.

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Breaking Up With Jonas

January 25, 2016

Dearest snow storm Jonas. You were soft, sweet and romantic when it all started. I gradually watched you fall, piece by piece, and flake by flake until you became larger than life. You blew in, with a force so mighty, you took over all of New York City. You were cold and ugly. You sent shivers down my spine, and you left it all on the streets. You forced me into my ugly puffer coat, and boring, flat rain boots, which you know I can’t stand. I spent a full day cooped up inside my home, leaving my sequins and party dresses behind, locked in the darkness of my closet. But I’ve got something to tell you, sir Jonas. We. Are. Over.

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