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Navy & Nude for the Weekend

February 29, 2016

I spent the weekend wearing very little clothing. Well, let’s just say that my fancy outfits this weekend were few and far between. While I can usually tell you about our weekend adventures, I was sick for the majority of the weekend. My wardrobe consisted mainly of pjs, and well…more pjs. My choice of cocktail for the weekend? I sipped on a chilled glass of water, on the rocks (snooze). I didn’t even grab a champagne glass. My brunch, lunch, and dinners consisted of plain bread (#allofthecarbs). While the sun was shining, and it looked like spring, I watched out the windows, sleeping for hours upon hours. As I’ve mentioned, being home for even an entire day drives me bananas. I can’t handle it. I was itching to get out, and finally on Sunday, I felt a bit better, and headed out into the sunshine.

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