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‘Tis the Season the Season to Travel

November 21, 2016

Am I right? Each year, since I’ve lived in New York, we pack our bags for the journey back home for the holidays, however this year, we’ve got something sneaky up our sleeve. Our journey is two fold! Aside from Thanksgiving, and a long weekend with the fam, we’re traveling to a super sneaky, top secret destination for one, giant adventure. We can’t tell you when, we can’t tell you where, but we are beyond excited, and can’t wait to share.

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What’s Your Power Color?

November 16, 2016

Do you have a power color? A color that shows your confidence, and makes you feel like a million bucks? You slip on that blazer, zip up that skirt, or throw that statement bag over your shoulder, and it makes a difference in your day right? Ok, so even if you aren’t color crazy, you must have something in your wardrobe, that gives you that “boss babe” vibe. Everyone does.

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Channeling My Inner Badass With Zaki Fitness

October 30, 2016

What makes you feel powerful in your life? What gives you true confidence? A passion that makes you feel whole, and one that you’re proud of. Fitness is a love in my life that gives me a combined strength, power and confidence. It is my time to myself, to work on perfecting my strengths, as well as channeling energy to improve upon my weaknesses.

While most of you know me for my work in the fashion industry, what you may not know is that I spend my off time with my friends in the fitness world. Working out is part of my daily routine, and I’d be lost without it. I love the feeling of my feet pounding the pavement during a run. I daydream about punching and kickboxing in my Zen Combat class. I do restrain myself from practicing those moves while strolling down the city streets. I live for the end of the day, when I bust out of my dress, lace up my sneakers, squeeze into spandex, and bolt out the door ready to conquer my workout. Toes tapping, jabbing the elevator button (as if it helps), heart racing, and finally the doors open. Where am I headed, you ask? To my weekly fitness classes at Equinox.

I found my fitness match, when I met legendary fitness professional, life coach, and Black Belt, Violet Zaki. I remember peering through the window of an Equinox class room, many years ago, the first time I took her class. Her Australian accent echoed as the music pumped throughout the room, and her energy was contagious. I watched the first class, as an outsider looking in. At first glance you’ll want to look like her, as you watch her super fit bod, bolt across the room. Then you hear her speak. Her sarcastic humor is an ab workout in itself, which has you in stitches before you even begin class. Next you watch her move, and quickly realize that she is no joke.

Violet packs a mean punch; firing off a few killer kicks, as she spins circles around her students, individually helping them learn proper technique, in her martial arts inspired Zen Combat class, which she created. If you pop in for class, expecting an easy breezy workout, you’ll be sorely mistaken. The class includes running, in between the punching and kicking combinations, leaving you completely breathless by the end of the workout. Don’t think you’ll get away with slacking either. Violet will push you to maximize your potential with bigger movements, proper technique, and constant cardio. Why? Because she cares, she knows we’re up to the challenge, and her program as just as much about stimulating the mind, as the body.

Violet leads four classes, which have become my favorites at Equinox, including the following:

  • Zen Combat: a martial arts inspired, cardio kickboxing class, created by Violet.
  • Atonement: focuses on pure power and strength training using resistance.
  • ABsession: uses strengthening and stabilizing exercises to tone and target the core.
  • Power Trip: a heart pumping, high intensity class, combining cardio and strength training.

I quickly fell in love with her classes because of the full body workouts, as well as the energetic spirit of the class. Bottom line…it’s a blast, and a super fab workout.

These days, the chipper welcome is quite familiar on Saturday morning, yet the chatter of the students still catches me by surprise. To the “newbies” out there, it sounds much more like happy hour than a fitness class. But to us regular grasshoppers (as Violet calls us), it’s our daily grind and the time that we share our lives with each other. I see us as a team. We celebrate our very best days, and we’re there for each other during the worst, in a spoken and an unspoken way; through our words, as well as movement. It definitely is my happiest hour and our classroom feels like home.

I had the pleasure of teaming up with Violet to create this photo shoot, as she used her expertise in movement to direct the shoot, while coaching me through the exercises. She pulled out her sassy, styling techniques to create my double braided hair style…just another trick up her sleeve. For activewear, I styled athletic capris, and a strappy sports bra, layered with a puffy vest, and alternated with a satin bomber for an edgy look.

The shoot was a blast, and Violet once again pushed me out of my comfort zone, proving that I was capable of showing another side of myself…the one that I love. She was right. She is a voice that I trust, and a person full of heart, and full of soul. She represents the words she stands by, each and everyday. “One mind. One body. One life.”

You can find Ms. Zaki at Columbus Circle and Greenwich Avenue Equinox. Her daily class schedule is listed here. Make sure to follow her on Instagram here, and on Facebook here. She’ll turn you into a grasshopper in no time!

*Technical Direction & Hair Styling/Violet Zaki, Photography/Grant Friedman

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Put a Bow on It

October 16, 2016

Ya know the days when you tear your closet apart and come out empty handed? It’s the most frusterating feeling, isn’t it? You search and search but can’t quite come up with options. This often happens to me, because I choose to buy statement pieces, instead of separates. Bad habit.

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Tackling Challenges

October 9, 2016

Let’s talk about taking on challenges, shall we? You’re faced with them, daily right? So am I. So, let’s do this together. How do you channel your energy? How do you pack a mean punch? Here are a few strategies that I use to get the job done. I hope they can help you do to the same.

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All That Shimmers for Fall

October 4, 2016

Headed to fancy fall festivities this season, and can’t decide on the perfect ensemble? We’ve got you covered. We’re currently crushing on a few shimmery pieces for the season. The best part about these looks, is that they are festive, edgy, and they’ll take you right into the holiday season, acting as your layering pieces. So, hit the scroll away, and find a few of your own favorites. Happy shopping!

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Viewing Fashion Week Through a Different Lens

September 26, 2016

“Babe. Those shoes don’t look comfortable. You can’t move in them. Practical…think practical. You need to be able to move quickly.” “What do you mean,” I said. “These shoes are just fine. I’m not running a race.” Little did I know…my husband was so right.

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NYFW Styled in Lafayette 148

September 18, 2016

It was the height of New York Fashion Week, and we attended one party after another, reviewing the collections of several clothing brands. The very best part about these fancy soirées, is being dressed for events. Ah, yes…one step into the Lafayette 148 showroom, and my little heart skipped a beat. A million beautiful outfits, and I couldn’t wait to pick one. With just one glance, I spied spectacular prints, stunning silhouettes, and a color palette that made me swoon.

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Travel Guide: Martha’s Vineyard

September 1, 2016

Countdown to Labor Day weekend Beauties! Are you traveling over the holiday? Did you make fancy plans? If not, no worries. Today, I’m recapping my favorite places and spaces from our recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard. If you live in NYC, you can get there by train, and ferry in a pinch. Although it takes awhile, it’s great for a last minute get away. You’ll find the island to be quaint, charming, and ever so peaceful. So, buckle up and start to scroll. Here’s my list of must-see destinations to check out while vacationing on the Vineyard.

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Beach Nights in Menemsha

August 28, 2016

Do you have a childhood memory you cherish? One that you reflect on, and it gives you butterflies? For me, it’s traveling to Martha’s Vineyard. On our recent trip to the Vineyard, Grant and I spent time exploring a few favorite places that I used to visit with my family many years ago. When I was younger, I remember hoping that I’d be able to bring my future husband, back to explore a place that was so special to me. Although Grant has been to Martha’s Vineyard a few times with my family, this time it was just us, and it was just as dreamy as I imagined.

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